This winter, daily lift tickets will only be available for purchase online. Limited quantities of tickets are available at each rate and savings vary based on when you purchase with the lowest rates the earlier you buy. You also have two choices when you purchase a Sugarbush lift ticket, an All Mountain and Mt. Ellen only. An All Mountain lift ticket gives you a full day of skiing and riding at both mountain areas and our 111 trails and 16 lifts. Mt. Ellen only offers some of the best Vermont skiing at a value price.

Sugarbush’s radio frequency identification device (RFID) known as the SugarXpress Card makes purchasing and loading lift tickets on your computer or mobile device quick and easy. And once you have your SugarXpress Card you can reload online, skip the ticket window, and go direct to the lift.

Conditions of purchase for your season pass this winter:

  • Sugarbush Season Pass prices do not include 6% Vermont State Sales Tax
  • A SugarXpress card must be purchased for $5 and may be reloaded for future purchases
  • A Release of Liability must be signed upon purchase of season pass. Children under the age of 18, must have Release of Liability signed by parent/legal guardian.
  • Sugarbush Season passes are non-refundable, non-transferable and not for resale
  • Fraudulent use of season passes will result in the required purchase of lift access at the daily rate, as well as a 2 week suspension on the season pass, any further misuse will result in revocation of season pass.
  • If your SugarXpress card is lost or forgotten, a replacement may be purchased for $5.

We’re here to help answer questions on our RFID (radio frequency identification) validation system. For information on how to get your new pass, see the information at the bottom of the Season Passes page.

What is the SugarXpress Card?
The SugarXpress Card is the new piece of media you’ll carry around with you that has your pass product loaded onto it. Think of it as your pass or ticket,though you can also add resort charge, scan into the Sugarbush Health and Recreation Center, and more.

How do I reload additional days onto my SugarXpress Card?
Loading additional days is simple. Just visit our Online Store, login to the account associated with your SugarXpress Card (or create a new account), and purchase. The new tickets will automatically be uploaded to your card and you may proceed directly to the lift.

You took my photo, but it doesn’t appear on my SugarXpress Card.
While we require a photo on file for all season pass purchasers, you won’t see your photo on your SugarXpress Card as you would have for past season passes. Instead, we use your photo at our RFID gates located at our base area lifts, to validate that you’re using your actual pass.

Where do I put my SugarXpress Card?
Your card should be kept in a jacket or pants pocket on the left side of your body, between knee and shoulder height. This will help the gates’ antenna pick up your signal clearly and allow for a smooth loading process. For best results, place in a pocket away from your cell phone, credit cards or other devices. It is important not to have more than one SugarXpress card onyou asthey will all be scanned when you go through the gate and validated for that day.

What if I lose my SugarXpress Card?
There will be a $5 charge to replace a lost SugarXpress Card. Cards can be replaced at either Season Pass Office at Lincoln Peak or Mt. Ellen. Unlike our past passes the RFID chip technology is built into each card and is more costly to replace. Please hold on to your card and re-use it from year to year.

Is my SugarXpress Card transferable?
No. SugarXpress Cards are linked to individual customers. Vermont has a theft of service law for the fraudulent use of tickets and passes and that will be enforced. The misuse of a ticket or pass could result in the loss of the pass and a fine.

Where are new RFID gates located?
We have installed RFID gates at all of our basearealifts including Valley House Quad, Super Bravo Express Quad, Gate House Express Quad, Welcome Mat, Village Quad at Lincoln Peak and Sunshine Quad, Green Mountain Express Quad, and Inverness Quad at Mt. Ellen. There will also be a gate on the Mt. Ellen side of the Slide Brook Express.

Can I punch a hole in it?
The card has an antenna embedded that surrounds the RFID chip. Any damage to the antenna will render the card inactive, so we recommend never punching a hole in the card.