With two mountains, four terrain parks sporting over one hundred features, six peaks, sixteen lifts, nearly thirty wooded areas, and the 2,000 acre Slide Brook Basin, there’s no question that Sugarbush is one of New England’s largest ski areas. Amenities include multiple base lodges, resort lodging, onsite restaurants, retail and rental shops, and more.

Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen

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    • At the heart of Sugarbush is Lincoln Peak—think quintessential Vermont meets modern slopeside living. Here you’ll find the majority of Sugarbush terrain with classic New England trails leading to the nascent Lincoln Peak Village which includes Clay Brook slopeside hotel and residences, a general store, casual and elegant dining, and the new Schoolhouse and Farmhouse. The Schoolhouse is home base for all children’s day ski-and-ride programs, and The Farmhouse hosts Sugarbush’s acclaimed Ski & Ride School which includes the first-timer-to-life-timer program, private and group lessons, backcountry tours, bumps clinics and more.

      Trail Count: 72

      Terrain Parks: 2

      Wooded Areas: 17

      Summit Elevation: 3975'/1212 m

      Base Elevation: 1575'/480 m

      Vertical Drop: 2400'/732 m

      Lifts: 10 (including 2-way Slide Brook connector to Mt. Ellen)
    • Mt. Ellen’s casual feel speaks to the ski bum—but don’t let that fool you. Mt. Ellen is home to Vermont’s highest chairlift, our premiere terrain park, Green Mountain Valley School's elite ski racing academy, is a designated U.S. Ski Team Development Site and is the northern Vermont location for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. Mt. Ellen tends to be our local's favorite with a greater sense of old-school Vermont charm.

      MT. ELLEN

      Trail Count: 39

      Terrain Parks: 2

      Wooded Areas: 11

      Summit Elevation: 4083'/1245 m

      Base Elevation: 1483'/452 m

      Vertical Drop: 2600'/793 m

      Lifts: 7 (including 2-way Slide Brook connector to Lincoln Peak)
    • Beyond resort boundaries, between Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen, lies the 2000-acre Slide Brook Basin. Slide Brook Basin is home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, black bear, white-tailed deer, and many other species. During the winter, it’s also home to skiers and riders seeking backcountry solitude.

      Those wishing to access Slide Brook are recommended to use a Sugarbush Ski & Ride School Private Lesson or Snowshoe Guide. Please be aware that upon entering Slide Brook Basin you are leaving resort boundaries and are subject to Off-Trail Policies.

      The wooded areas in Slide Brook Basin descend towards Slide Brook Road, which leads to German Flats Road. A Mad Bus stop is located at the bottom of Slide Brook Road at German Flats Road, where skiers and riders can catch a lift back to either Lincoln Peak or Mt. Ellen base areas.

      Off-Trail Policies

      Wooded areas are not patrolled and have no skier/snowboarder services. If you ski/ride in wooded areas, you are solely responsible for yourself. Woods are recommended for expert skiers/riders in groups of three or more. Do not ski/ride alone. Unmarked obstacles exist throughout.

      VERMONT LAW provides that you are liable for all expenses related to search and/or rescue if you venture off of designated trails or beyond the ski area boundary.
    • Hiking or skinning on designated trails at both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen is not permitted before the mountains open for the winter season, nor is hiking or skinning permitted during the operating hours of the resort. Please be sure to also read our Winter Trail Use Policy before heading out on any uphill adventure.

      Routes and Times

      At Lincoln Peak
      • Between the hours of 5 PM to 10 PM on the following trail: Easy Rider to Lower Pushover to Pushover to Birch Run. Guests must be off the hill by 10 PM.
      • Between the hours of 4 AM to 7 AM on the following trails: Racer’s Edge to Lower Snowball to Snowball to the top of the Valley House Chair. Guests must be off the hill by 7 AM.
      • Due to plowing, parking for hiking and skinning is provided at Lincoln Peak in the heli lot, to the right of The Schoolhouse.

      At Mt. Ellen
      • Between the hours of 5 PM to 10 PM and 4 AM to 7 AM on the following trails: Easy Does It to Straight Shot to Cruiser to Lower Rim Run to Rim Run. Guests must be off the hill by 7 AM and 10 PM.
      • Due to plowing, parking for hiking and skinning is provided at Mt. Ellen in the lot next to the Sunny Quad lift.

      There will be times when skinning and hiking is closed due to weather conditions. Please check the Sugarbush snow report before proceeding.

      Hiking and Skinning during operating hours may be authorized under special circumstances (i.e. lift mechanical failure or weather hold, or special events). Hiking or skinning during operating hours on designated trails requires a day ticket or season pass and is only permitted when specifically authorized by the resort (these routes are only open when the weather and conditions permit). Please call Guest Services at 802-583-6590 or visit the snow report for the current designated route.

      Rules and Policies

      Hikers and skinners must adhere to the following rules:
      • Mountain operations take place AT ALL TIMES. This includes grooming, snowmaking, transportation of materials and personnel, and other activities. STAY AWAY from all resort operations and machinery.
      • Hikers/Skinners must hold a valid “Uphill Travel Pass” available at no cost online.
      • Hike and skin in a single-file line, on the side of the trail.
      • Hike and skin on the designated trail going up and ski or ride on the same trail going down.
      • Dogs are not allowed.
      • Be aware that there are numerous inherent risks associated with skinning and hiking at the resort.
      • Winching involves a grooming machine hooked up to a long cable under a tremendous amount of force. Our operators will utilize beacon lights when performing this extremely hazardous activity. NEVER GO NEAR A WINCH CAT.
      • Overnight stays on the mountain are prohibited.
      • Do not hike, skin, or ski on a closed trail.
      • All Terrain Parks & Park Features are off-limits.
      • Tubing and/or sledding of any kind is prohibited at all times.
      • Lights are required to be in use at all times.

      What to Know Before You Go:
      • Your Responsibility Code applies at all times. Please follow it.
      • Observe all posted signs and warnings. This includes closed trails. Stay on designated routes only.
      • Never go alone. Always hike in groups of 3. Remember we do not have Ski Patrol services at night.
      • Check the weather forecast before you go. Our mountain weather can change very quickly.
      • Dress appropriately for the conditions.
      • Bring a cell phone with you. In the event of an emergency, call 911. Ensure you pay attention to your specific location, including trail names.
      • When hiking in the dark, wear a headlamp and bright, reflective clothing.
      • YOU ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY for accessing our ski trails outside of operating hours. In the event you require an emergency response, you will be responsible for all costs incurred as a result.

      After the mountains have closed for the season, hiking/skinning is permitted.

      This policy is for the benefit of our customers and has been created with the safety of both them and our mountain operations team in mind. Disregard for the policy rules and conditions may result in revocation of skiing privileges, banning from resort premises, and/or legal action.
      Total Acres: 4,000+
      On-Trail Acres: 484
      Trail Count: 111
      Terrain Parks: 4
      Wooded Area Acres: 97
      Length of Trail: 53.2 miles/85 km
      Wooded Areas: 28
      Summit Elevation: 4,083'/1,245 m
      Base Elevation: 1,483'/452 m
      Vertical Drop: 2,600'/793 m
      Average Annual Snowfall: 250"/635 cm

      High-Speed Quads: 5
      Fixed-Grip Quads: 5
      Triples: 2
      Double: 1
      Surface Lifts: 3
      Total: 16
      Uphill Capacity: 25,225


      Mt. Ellen: 4,083'/1,245 m
      Lincoln Peak: 3,975'/1,212 m
      Castlerock Peak: 3,812'/1,162 m
      North Lynx Peak: 3,300'/1,006 m
      Gadd Peak: 3,150'/960 m
      Inverness Peak: 2,750'/838 m
      GREEN CIRCLE2610818.7%
      BLUE SQUARE47227.633.8%
      BLACK DIAMOND30116.821.6%
      WOODED AREAS289720.1%