Valid: 5/27/23 - 9/30/23
Ages 5-12 must be purchased along with an adult membership (adult membership must cover the same time period of summer access).

Access to pool & gym facilities.

Ages 23+ $269
Ages 13-22 $159
Ages 5-12 $89

Get access to the SHaRC this summer (5/27-9/30), memorial day through end of September so you can enjoy all that the SHARC has to offer this summer. The youth product for ages 5-12 requires at least one adult membership, since kids need an adult supervision to access the SHaRC. The pools are without lifeguards.

It's better than a 4 month membership - it's an a super affordable option!

For more information or to purchase please contact us at 802-583-6700 or email

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