Quad packs are no longer on sale for the 21/22 season. Check out our lift tickets page for single day tickets, or consider going with one of our pass options.

Quad Pack - 4 All Mountain Lift Tickets

We’ve packaged up four, completely unrestricted 2021/22 Adult All Mountain lift tickets and are offering them for just $449. A serious savings. And the Quad Pack tickets are transferable, so you and your friends, family, or co-workers can use them anytime during the 21/22 season with no restrictions. The Quad Pack is only available thru mid-November.


4 All Mountain mid-week Lift Tickets

New this year, we’ve introduced a mid-week Quad Pack that gives you even more options for skiing and riding Sugarbush Monday-Friday. We’ve packaged four 2021/22 mid-week Adult All Mountain lift tickets and are offering them for just $349. A serious savings. The Quad Pack tickets are transferable, so you and your friends, family, or co-workers can use them any mid-week non-holiday ski day. Skip work, grab your friends, take the kids out of school and know you’re getting the best lift ticket value on a day of skiing.



Q: How do I redeem my Quad Pack?
A: After you purchase your Quad Pack, 4 voucher codes will appear on your account. Log in and Click Here to view your vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed from this page, emailed to someone else, or you can simply share the voucher ID with a friend. Voucher codes can be entered in the box Here. Unlike previous seasons the Quad Pack does need to be loaded on to a SugarXpress card. Guests who do not already have a SugarXpress card will be required to purchase one for $5.

Q: In past year’s you have mailed me my Quad Pack tickets, is this still an option?
A: We no longer will be mailing Quad Pack tickets and it is much easier and more convenient for our guests to be using the voucher codes attached to your account at Sugarbush.com.

Q: I have redeemed my Quad Pack online. When and where can I pick-up my SugarXpress Card/Quad Pack tickets?
A: Visit one of our Pick-Up Boxes located outside the Farmhouse and Mt. Ellen Ticket Office. Scan your ticket bar-code and go direct to lift.

Q: How soon before my visit should I redeem my Quad Pack vouchers and pick my ski day?
A: We highly recommend you plan ahead and redeem online in advance. There could also be limited lift ticket availability on busier days, and the sooner you redeem, the sooner you'll lock in your day at Sugarbush. By planning ahead, you'll save time by skipping the ticket window and can start your day by going directly to the lift.

Q: If I already have SugarXpress Cards, can I reload them?
A: SugarXpress Cards can be reloaded with Quad Pack tickets in advance online by visiting Sugarbush.com. If you are having issues reloading, please call 802-552-4007 for assistance prior to your visit.

Q: What if I lose track of my RFID cards (SugarXpress Ticket or SugarXpress Card)?
A: If you lose your RFID cards, you will be charged a $5 replacement fee per card. If you lose track of what cards have been used and what cards still have access on them, you can call 802-552-4007 or visit any season pass office or ticket window.

Q: Can I gift a Quad Pack?
A: Yes, once you have purchased your Quad Pack, it’s easy. Just send the 4 voucher codes by email to your gift recipient.

  • Valid daily during the 2021/22-winter season.
  • Blackout dates do apply and not available weekend and holidays.
  • Only valid mid-week non-holiday.
  • 21/22 Holiday blackout dates are 12/25-1/2/22, 1/15-1/17, 2/19-2/27.
  • Price does not include 6% Vermont sales tax.
  • Illegal for resale.
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • No refunds. All sales final.
  • Your confirmation email will include information on how to redeem your Quad Pack.
  • Quad Pack Voucher Codes will be appear on your account at Sugarbush.com and once logged in, you will be able to redeem, email or share with a friend.