Gate House Plaza Scenic   1,621' Elev
Mt. Ellen Base Scenic   1,563' Elev
Walts Scenic   3,010' Elev
Gadd Peak Scenic   2,877' Elev
Lincoln Peak Scenic   3,898' Elev
Parks View   1,524' Elev
Golf Course Scenic   1,484' Elev
    • Summit Snow Stake   3,900' Elev
      Mid Mountain Snow Stake   3,125' Elev
      These snow stakes are used as accompanying tools for snow reporting and may not always represent actual snowfall. The snow stake webcams represent designated points on the mountain and are not necessarily indicative of conditions in other areas of the mountain. We weigh these images with base area totals, and check with our on-the-ground team when measurements appear flawed. Check the snow report for full totals and conditions. The snow stake is cleared around 7:00 AM each day and totals are measured once in the morning around 7:00 AM and again in the afternoon around 1:00 PM. The snow stake platforms are raised or lowered to minimize wind drift and are located in sheltered areas at the top and midpoint of Lincoln Peak.
    • Super Bravo Lift   1,635' Elev
      GMX Lift   1,549' Elev
      Gate House Lift   1,622' Elev
      Heaven's Gate Lift   2,476' Elev
      Castlerock Lift   2,072' Elev
      North Ridge Lift   2,066' Elev
      North Lynx Lift
      Slide Brook Lift
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