Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to complete the application?

You should first prepare yourself with dates of employment, school information, skills and qualifications (and a resume if you are attaching one). Once ready, you should be able to complete the online application in 10 minutes.

I just submitted my application, how long before I hear from someone?

Immediately after you "submit" your online application, you will be directed to a confirmation screen, letting you know that your application was successfully uploaded. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact Human Resources at 802-583-6380 to troubleshoot. Once your application is received, we will review and send it to the appropriate hiring managers provided that you meet minimum qualifications for that position. If you do not hear from a hiring manager in about 5 business days, then you are welcome to call HR to check on the status of your application.

Can I fax or email my resume directly to you?

In order to best maintain our applicant records, we require that you go through our online application system. You may upload your resume during that time. Alternatively, you may come to our office and apply in person by completing an application by hand.

How do I attach my resume/cover letter?

Submitting a resume/cover letter is easy. In completing the online application, you will be prompted to paste your resume/cover letter directly into a receiving window that allows us to safely upload your data. Note: to save you time, you do not need to complete each employer or education section of the online application if you are pasting a resume.

I don't have a computer; can I just apply in person?

Yes, you are welcome to come to the HR office to complete an application. We are located on the Sugarbush Access Road, on the left hand side before the Lincoln Peak area/parking lot.

Can I apply for more than one job?

Absolutely. We encourage you to consider a variety of positions.

I'm open to any job that you will give me. Why should I be specific on the application?

You have a far better chance of getting hired if you list a specific position on your application rather than simply listing "any" as your choice. Given the large number of applications that we receive there is little time for us to review your qualifications and think through which position might be best for you. We prefer that you take time to consider your interests and skills and apply for a specific position (preferably one that is posted on our employment page) that you feel is most suitable.

What if I want to apply for a job that is not listed on the employment page?

Not listing a position from our current postings of available positions will generally result in a delayed response (or even no response) from a hiring manager. Our priority is to fill currently posted positions. However, sometimes an applicant may be looking to get a jump on the upcoming season and therefore will apply for an upcoming position not listed on our job board. Such applications will still be accepted and forwarded to managers; but again, applicants should expect a delayed response. We will keep all applications/resumes on file for up to six months.

I have time during my school break to work, can you use me for such a short period?

For the most part, we are looking for hires that can be with us throughout the season; however, there are opportunities for employment during our busy holiday periods. You can always apply and then discuss this possibility with a hiring manager. Just be sure to indicate your dates of availability on your application, even if you only have a general idea.

I only have time to work on weekends, is that ok?

Schedule requirements differ from department to department. After applying for a position, you can discuss scheduling with a hiring manager.

What if I can't work holidays?

Our busiest times of the season are during holidays, and staff is expected to be available during these time periods. Again, after applying for a position, you can discuss scheduling with a hiring manager.

Can I work at the mountain even if I have never skied or snowboarded before?

Sure. One of the benefits of working here is a ski pass for the season. We also offer employees free skiing/riding lessons. Everyone has a chance to "Be Better Here."

Can I work in more than one position?

Yes, in some cases employees are able to work more than one job at the resort. But keep in mind that during busy periods, employee may find it challenging to satisfy the scheduling requirements of numerous departments/positions. Therefore, employees should carefully consider the demands and expectation of any position they are considering.

How often do employees get paid/how long before I can get my first check?

Sugarbush employees are paid biweekly (on Fridays) with the workweek running Saturday through Friday.  Direct deposit, an efficient and fast way to get paid, is available to all employees and takes about two weeks to set-up.

How long until I receive my season pass?

Each employee is issued his/her season's pass, known as the Employee ID, after all paperwork and orientation is complete.

Will my spouse and children also be eligible to receive a season pass?

Dependent benefits are provided based on your employment status and length of service. You may check with HR or the hiring manager if you have specific questions.

How can I learn about transportation opportunities?

During the winter season, the Mad Bus is a free shuttle service available to anyone in the Valley.

I was just hired. What forms of ID do I need to bring to complete my paperwork?

Great question. In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act, you will be required to present documents that establish your legal eligibility to work in the United States. The "I-9" is the federal form used to establish this identity and requires very specific types of identification. The most simple method of compliance is to present a U.S. Passport. All forms of presented ID must be currently valid. Alternatively, you could provide a driver license or school identification card ALONG WITH a social security card or birth certificate.

I worked here before; do I need to complete a new application?

Yes, you do. ALL previous employees interested in working again at Sugarbush need to complete a new application. Even if a previous managers suggests that you will be rehired next season, you still need to complete the application before you can be rehired.

I attended the employee orientation last year. Do I need to do so again this year?

For many good reasons, Employee orientation is mandatory for all employees to complete on an annual basis. First to consider is that change happens. The orientation is a chance to get caught up with what's new and what's soon-to-come around the resort. There are updates on mountain operations, building projects, manager changes, employee benefits, events and more. More importantly, it is absolutely necessary that we take time to review legal, wellness/safety and guest service topics which are significant to all employees.