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Featured Beers at Sugarbush

Hogan's Pub

This meal goes great with a Zero Gravity Green State lager. Green State being a traditional German style lager (crisp and clean) helps to cut through the unctuous dry aged beef of the burger and the confit garlic & fresh cracked black pepper used to season our fries. Both the meal and the beer are great examples of proper techniques used in two separate crafts. Try this combo on the Hogan’s deck which is arguably the best place to have lunch in the summer. Cheers!

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Rumble's Kitchen

One characteristic of beer and food pairings is resetting the palate. Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine works nicely with the Von Trapps Blue Cheese and smoky bacon in The Wedge Salad. The tropical flavors and floral aromas of the beer pair nicely the Mad River Blue and it’s dried fruit, rich umami notes. Notice how finishing the cheese will reset your palate, ready for another sip of Sip.

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