One of Sugarbush’s premier offerings, Remote Fireside Dining at Allyn’s Lodge is a unique experience that allows families to celebrate their most memorable occasions. Guests arrive by Lincoln Limo – a heated snowcat fitted with twelve passenger seats or on foot by a guided hike up the mountain. While the fireside dining experience is open to guests of all ages, it tends to cater to older children. We follow airline rules so children 2 and under may ride in adult laps, otherwise they account for a seat and hence, a meal. Please keep in mind the Cat is not fitted with seatbelts. You do not need to be a skier/rider to enjoy this dining experience, though the optional ski/ride down at the end of the event is only for advanced skiers/riders.

Remote Fireside Dining at Allyn's Lodge

The mountain at dusk feels magical under moonlight and a coat of fresh snow. Guests often arrive in two groups: the more adventurous crew sets out for their two-mile guided hike up to Allyn’s leaving at 4:45 PM from the Guest Services Desk located on first floor of Gate House Lodge, and the more relaxed crew arrives by 6:15 PM after meeting their Cat driver at the top of the Super Bravo stairs near the Base Cabins, piling into the Limo for the fifteen-minute haul up the mountain. Both groups arrive at Allyn’s Lodge around the same time and gather inside around a roaring fire. The evening begins when the entire party arrives, and guests are seated to begin their five course meal together.

Allyn’s Lodge provides an intimate atmosphere lit by candles and a crackling fire. Beer and wine are available for additional purchase. The evening typically lasts from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Following the fireside dining, guests bundle up to either ski or ride down a freshly groomed trail led by their Chef, Jim Dinan, or descend to the base in the comfort of the heated Cat. Skiing/riding down in the quiet of the night heightens the senses, providing an experience many guests return for again and again. Complimentary headlamps provided. The weather dependent ski/ride down is for advanced skiers and riders only.

This event requires that a minimum of twelve seats are sold with up to a maximum of eighteen capacity for 2021-2022.

To make a private dinner reservation, please contact Jen Schonder at 802-583-6527 or

See what the media has to say about Allyn's Lodge dinners: The Ski Diva Boston Herald

2021-2022 Dinner Details

Private group dinners are $215 a person mid-week non holiday and $240 a person weekends/holidays. Must commit to 12 paid seats for a private dinner.

For the A La Carte Cost is $215 per person and event dates are as follows
Wed Dec 29
Friday Jan 14
Tuesday Feb 22
Thursday Feb 24
Friday March 11
And a Lawsons Beer sponsored Dinner with five pairings on Friday, February 11


Beer/Wine Requests: You may add wine or local beer for an additional charge. Allyn’s Lodge Beer and wine selections are based on availability the day of the dinner. Special beer and wine requests can be accommodated at the time of reservation.

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Allyns Lodging Dinner Video

Bear and John head up to Allyn's Lodge for one of the infamous Allyn's Lodge Dinners.

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Allyns Lodging Dinner Video

Bear and John head up to Allyn's Lodge for one of the infamous Allyn's Lodge Dinners.