The SHARC has a fitness class for all abilities and ages. Certified instructors lead classes on a regular schedule in the studios and pools at the SHARC. Classes usually include: Aqua Exercise, Spinning, Yoga, ZUU and more.

Please arrive on time for class! For safety reasons, there is No Admittance to classes 10 minutes after start time. Classes may be subject to cancellation for reasons beyond our control.

Group Fitness Classes – included in membership or $25 per day (gives club access all day).

Phone Number: 802-583-6700

Class Schedule

9:00AM Yoga with Emma
3:00PM Yin with Betsy
5:00PM Fitness Training with Katrina

9:00AM ZUU Body Weight Training with Melanie
10:00AM Aqua Fitness with Judy
10:15AM Yoga with Jewels
5:00PM Spin with Katrina
5:30PM Yoga with Victoria

9:00AM Mat Pilates with Emma
5:00PM Sport Circuit with Melanie

9:00AM Spin with Bethany
9:00AM Yoga with Emma
10:00AM Aqua Fitness with Judy
4:00PM Yin with Betsy
5:30PM Yoga with Victoria

9:00AM Iron ZUU with Melanie