SEW Committee

In 1999, Sugarbush created a team of employees, supervisors, and resort management to aid in the implementation of a specific environmental management philosophy. The mission of this group, the Green Team, was to initiate environmental quality enhancements throughout the business operations by preventing pollution and environmental degradation. This goal needed to be met without compromising business objectives, while improving resource efficiency, materials management and handling, and environmental quality resort-wide. Programs such as Resort Green-Up Day and participation in the Way to Go Commuter Challenge were initiated by this group. In 2016 alone, 100 employees spent (collectively) 224 hours “greening up” resort property and the surrounding area. 2016’s Way to Go Challenge logged 34% of employees biking, carpooling, walking, and telecommuting their way to a savings of 5,822 commuting miles and 3,603 pounds of carbon saved.

In 2014, the Green Team was absorbed by the Safety/Environmental/Wellness Committee. This committee has made great strides in supporting resort recommendations to improve its three areas of focus. SEW has introduced the installation of a water-bottle filling station in Gate House lodge; improvements to waste management including implementation of “Trash Talkers”, volunteers and staff who coach guests on how to recycle/compost/and dispose of their trash properly; formalization of a resort-wide no-idling policy; and the purchase and distribution of reusable water pouches for all staff.  In the 2016-2017 winter season, more than 5700 water bottles were saved using the new filling station. The resort plans to install three more water-bottle filling stations in main base lodges for the 2017-2018 season. In 2017, the SEW Committee won its third Governor’s Wellness Award in recognition of its work.

SEW introduced or supports the following initiatives:

  • Annual “SEW Day”, an educational day for all staff to celebrate and further SEW focus areas
  • Annual “Green-up day”
  • Water bottle filling stations at the Gate House Lodge, Mt Ellen Lodge, and the SHaRC
  • Improvements to waste management
  • Formalization of a resort-wide no-idling policy
  • Replacement of Torchlight parade flares with reusable LED lights
  • Outdoor lighting improvements
  • Elimination of plastic straw use
  • Promotion of “Know the Code”

SEW also sets annual goals and challenges for employees. Past goals have included:

  • Fitness
  • Hydration
  • Taking the bus and carpooling
  • Better choice meals
  • Sun protection
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Preventing slips by keeping walkways clear
  • Composting