Sustainability Mission

Sugarbush Resort is entrusted with the stewardship of lands in the Mad River Valley. We believe we have a responsibility to protect the natural environment so that we can continue our resort mission —to cultivate a spirit of lifelong adventure and camaraderie—for future generations. We aim to be an environmental leader promoting sustainable practices in these focus areas: forest, water, waste and energy.


We oversee the management of nearly 2000 acres

Or equivalent of 187 Sleeper trails


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We process 19.5 million gallons of water annually for household usage

That’s enough to fill 536 pond skimming ponds

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27.5% of our waste is diverted to recycling

That includes 41 tons of food scraps and 83 tons of recycling


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Since the 2012-13 ski season, we’ve reduced electricity usage by 34.5%

Or 5 million kWh

Enough to power 430 homes for a year

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Through solar partnerships, we produce 3.6 million kWh annually

That could power all of Mt. Ellen’s operations


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