Pass Options FAQs

Adventure Assurance*

Q: What happens to my 21/22 Sugarbush Local Pass or Ikon Pass if Sugarbush closes due to COVID-19-related reasons?

A: Should Sugarbush, or any eligible Ikon Pass destination close during the 21/22 winter season, pass holders will receive a proportional credit towards the same pass product, Sugarbush or Ikon Pass, for the 22/23 season.

Q: Sometimes I have plans to ski/ride and they just don’t work out. What if I buy a 21/22 Pass and I’m not able to use it?

A: If you don’t use your Sugarbush Local Pass or Ikon Pass for any reason, you will have the option to defer the purchase price paid for your 21/22 Pass towards the purchase of a 22/23 Pass using the new Zero-Day Credit. You must defer your pass by December 9th, 2021. 

Q: Do both Sugarbush Pass and Ikon Pass Adventure Assurance offer the same benefits?

A: Yes, Adventure Assurance* on all pass types off the same benefits. 

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

Season Pass

Q: Did your passes change now that Sugarbush is part of the Alterra Mountain Company?

A: Yes. You now have even more options on how you can enjoy next winter with Ikon Pass and Sugarbush passes.

Q: What’s the difference between Ikon Pass and Alterra Mountain Company?

A: Alterra Mountain Company owns Sugarbush Resort and 14 North American Ski Resorts. Four years ago Alterra Mountain Company launched the Ikon Pass.

Q: How many destinations are part of the Ikon Pass?

A: Ikon Pass gives you access to 44 global destinations. Accessibility to each location is based on the pass product purchased.

Q: Will the Boomer Pass be available next winter?

A: Yes, whether you’ve been enjoying the Boomer Pass or you’ve been anxiously waiting the season that you’re finally 65 years old, you’re in luck!

Q: I like to ski Sugarbush all the time and I’m not sure if I want to buy an Ikon Pass. I don’t see anything for me in my age range (30-79). What are my options?

A: Our Sugarbush Premium Pass for ages 30-79 is now the Ikon Pass. This spring, if you purchase an Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass the price will be comparable to last year’s Sugarbush season pass. By purchasing an Ikon Pass you will have unlimited skiing/riding at Sugarbush, and can visit other North American resorts for free.

Q: I’m in my thirties and I don’t see a For30s Pass, what pass is best for me?

A: The For30s Pass is no longer available. Although the Ikon Pass and/or the Ikon Base Pass are slightly more expensive you will have the opportunity to ski Sugarbush and explore other Ikon Pass destinations. With the Ikon Pass Sugarbush pass holder renewal offer, and expand resort access this new pass option will be a better overall value.

Q: I’ve had a For20s Pass the last couple of years and don’t see it. Is the pass no longer offered?

A: In an effort to simplify pass products, the Sugarbush pass age brackets now match the same ranges that Ikon Pass uses. The For20s Pass still exists but is now considered Young Adult and covers ages 13-29.

Q: Will Sugarbush offer college passes next winter?

A: The Double Major and Sugarbush college passes will go on sale July 1st.

Q: In the fall I have always purchased a corporate pass. Will this be available next year?

A: The Sugarbush Corporate Pass will become part of the Ikon Corporate Pass and Ikon Base Corporate Pass. 

Q: This winter I had a Double Major College Pass that allowed me to ski at Sugarbush and Mad River Glen. Will this be offered for the 2021/22 ski season?

A: Yes, the Double Major will be available for purchase starting on July 1st. 

Q: I noticed that the age categories for Sugarbush passes changed this year?

A: To simplify our Sugarbush offerings we revised our age brackets to mirror Ikon Pass.

Q: Last spring, I purchased a pass during your Loyalty Program at a special price. Is there any discount if I buy a pass this spring?

A: Unfortunately there will be no Sugarbush Local Pass referral discount this year.

Q: If I buy a Sugarbush Pass this spring and decide in the fall I’d like either an Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass, can I change passes?

A: Yes, you can choose to switch to an Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass. You will need to pay any difference in price when you purchase the new pass.

Q: Is Sugarbush still part of the Mountain Collective?

A: Yes. The Mountain Collective is a pass that gives you two days of skiing/riding at 23 premier destinations worldwide.

Pass Holder Benefits

Q: If I purchase a Sugarbush Pass will I have the same resort benefits as I had this last winter?

A: Sugarbush pass holder benefits are changing slightly to mirror Ikon Pass. However, Sugarbush, Ikon Pass and Ikon Base passes give you many of the same summer benefits here at Sugarbush.

Q: If I decide to purchase an Ikon Pass will I also receive Sugarbush Pass holder benefits?

A: Yes, Ikon Pass holders will receive the same pass holder benefits as Sugarbush Pass holders.​

Q: These are pretty unprecedented times. What if I'm not sure I'll be able to use my pass next season?

A: Adventure Assurance has been implemented for both Ikon Passes and Sugarbush Passes. This ensures that any 21/22 pass can be deferred to the 22/23 winter season for any reason. Check out more details on Adventure Assurance and Expanded Benefits


Q: What if I want to buy a mix of Ikon Pass and Sugarbush Pass products, can these transactions all be done on the same website?

A: This year, Ikon Pass and Sugarbush Pass products will be hosted on their respective websites so two separate transactions will have to be made.

Q: Ikon Pass has a payment plan for the Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass. Can I buy a Sugarbush only pass using a payment plan?

A: The payment plan is only available for Ikon Pass products. Purchasers now have through the end of July to put down a $199 deposit. Monthly payments begin the following month depending when the deposit was made. 

Q: I’m planning to buy an Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass; will I receive new media to replace my SugarXpress Card?

A: Yes, you will receive new Ikon Pass media in the early Fall. Ikon Pass, like the SugarXpress Card, will still give you direct-to-lift access at Sugarbush.

Q: If I buy a Sugarbush Pass, what type of media will I use next winter?

A: You will be receiving a pass from Ikon in the mail, regardless of the pass type that you've chosen. You can expect to receive your pass in the Fall.