Quad Pack

4 Premium Lift Tickets

This product is no longer for sale

For sale thru November only, we’ve packaged up four, completely unrestricted 2019/20 Adult All Mountain lift tickets and are offering them for just $279. A serious savings. And the Quad Pack tickets are transferable, so you and your friends, family, or co-workers can use them. But you have to act fast, the Quad Pack is gone when December hits.

After October 31, 2019 a rush shipping charge of $3.50 per Quad Pack will apply. (If you do not wish to pay shipping you may pick up your Quad Pack ticket at any ticket window or season pass office.) 



VALUE $556                       % OFF 47%                         YOU SAVE $260

  • Valid daily during the 2019/20-winter season.
  • Price does not include 6% Vermont sales tax.
  • Illegal for resale.
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • No refunds. All sales final.
  • Redeem with matching identification.


Q: Is shipping available?
A: Shipping is available within the United States. If you purchase by October 31st, your Quad Pack tickets will be sent to the address you provided and will arrive prior to opening day, November 23rd at no charge. If you purchase after on or after November 1st and select shipping, you’ll be charged $3.50 per Quad Pack and your Quad Pack will arrive within 18 days of purchase. If you plan on skiing or riding sooner than shipping allows, or if your shipping address is in another country, please pick your tickets up on resort.

Q: When and where can I pick-up my SugarXpress Cards/Quad Pack tickets?
A: If time allows, we highly recommend receiving your Quad Pack tickets via mail to avoid the ticket window line; however, if you may choose to pick-up your Quad Pack at any season pass office or ticket window. For ticket/season pass hours and locations, click here.

Q: How do Quad Pack tickets work?
A: If you select to receive your Quad Pack in the mail, you will receive four one-time-use SugarXpress Tickets with one day loaded on each card. If you select to pick up your Quad Pack on resort you will receive your access on four reloadable SugarXpress Cards. Quad Pack tickets are not date-specific. Once you have your RFID media (SugarXpress Ticket or SugarXpress Card), you may go direct-to-lift.

Q: What is the difference between a SugarXpress RFID ticket and a SugarXpress RFID Card?
A: SugarXpress RFID tickets should be thrown away after use. They are not reloadable. SugarXpress RFID Cards are reloadable and may be used for a season pass or advance tickets. Both SugarXpress tickets and SugarXpress Cards should be placed in an empty left-facing pocket to be read by Sugarbush’s RFID gate readers.

Q: If I already have SugarXpress Cards, can I reload them?
A: SugarXpress Cards cannot be reloaded with Quad Pack tickets on-line, due to the many ways a guest may want to reload them. If you want to re-load a SugarXpress Card, please call 800.53.SUGAR for assistance.  Sugarbush is no longer charging a media fee to fulfill Quad Packs and is happy to mail you your new quad packs or you can pick them up on site.  See above. (A $5 replacement fee will be charged for lost SugarXpress Cards or Tickets).

Q: What if I lose track of my RFID cards/tickets (SugarXpress Ticket or SugarXpress Card)?
A: If you lose your RFID cards/tickets, you will be charged a $5 replacement fee per card. If you lose track of what cards have been used and what cards still have access on them, you can call 800.53.SUGAR or visit any season pass office or ticket window.

Q: I only used one of my Quad Pack tickets this season. Can I get a refund on three? Can I transfer them to next year?
A: No.

Q: Can I gift a Quad Pack?
A: Yes, but you need to issue it to the person at time of purchase, and must know their date of birth and address.