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Exchange Guidelines

The Clay Brook Internal Exchange Program allows two owners to exchange owned intervals. Exchanges need not be for full intervals, nor for equally sized units, but may be negotiated to meet the needs and priorities of the owners.

  • All negotiations must be anonymous between the owners, and done through Owner Services.
  • Every attempt will be made to keep the owner in his owned unit.
  • Owners filling requests for Exchanged dates are allowed to place that unit into the Rental Program if they are participants of the program, and will receive any rental income. This is a revision of the original Internal Exchange policy.
  • Both Exchanging owners will be asked to sign documents relinquishing their old dates and confirming their new ones.
  • The owner who is in residence at the time will be billed for all housekeeping fees.
  • Exchange requests will remain active until an exchange is fulfilled, the dates expire, or the owner withdraws the request.
  • Exchanges cannot be made with Sugarbush Resort for fractions that may have not been sold.

To apply for an Internal Exchange, fill out our online application form. For more information call Owner Services at 802 583-6740 or 802 583-6591.

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