Seasonal Programs Bulletin

Stay current on all seasonal programs communications from Mark Woolley, our Seasonal Programs Supervisor. Please read the following update carefully and let us know if you have any questions that are not answered here!

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Dear Seasonal Families,
As you are aware, we have made the difficult decision to not offer our normal seasonal programs this winter. We ran through various operational models and ideas but ultimately concluded that we cannot provide a quality program while following all the Vermont guidelines and restrictions. We consider these programs and the seasonal community extremely important to the resort and appreciate the support and loyalty you have shown us over the years. We hope for that continued support as we work to navigate lessons in this new normal. At this point, we have determined that the best option is to run a custom-made program where individuals can create their own bubbles and form their own lesson groups of skiers and riders with similar ability levels. From there you can book the dates that work best for your groups. This option allows you to mix with other families and friends you feel most comfortable with and gives people the flexibility to book the days that you know you will be here. Days are not limited to just weekends either, and you are welcome to book midweek days.
We are offering three Custom-Made options: 
1. Custom-Made Adventure Blazers
Ages 7+
Minimum of 4 participants. If less than 4, can still book but the rate will be based on 4 participants.
                o Half Day - $60 per person, 10 lesson min - $600, 4-person min - $2,400
                o Full Day - $120 per person, 10 lesson min - $1200, 4-person min - $4,800
2. Custom-Made Mini Blazers
Ages 5-6 and / or returning Micro Blazers from last season
Minimum of 3 participants. If less than 3, can still book but the rate will be based on 3 participants.
Maximum of 3 kids due to chair lift restrictions. 1 of the 3 kids must be completely self-sufficient on lift. No riding Castlerock Lift.
               o Half Day - $81 per person, 10 lesson min - $810, 3-person min - $2,430
               o Full Day - $162 per person, 10 lesson min - $1620, 3-person min - $4,860
3. Custom-Made Specialized Blazers
Advanced levels only
Skimos - ages 10+ 
o Minimum of 8 kids – two staff per 8 kids for backcountry. Max of 12 kids.
o Available as full day (6 hour)
Freeski - ages 8+ 
o Freeski – min of 4, max of 6
o Available as a half day (3 hour) or full day (6 hour)
Rates - 
                 o Half Day - $90 per person, 10 lesson min - $900, 4-person min - $3,600
                 o Full Day - $180 per person, 10 lesson min - $1800, 4-person min - $7,200 / 8-person min $14,400

Additional Details:
• Minimum of 10 lessons booked and paid in advance and are non-refundable.
• More dates can be added throughout the season depending on availability.
• We cannot guarantee coaches but will do our best to accommodate all requests.
• Mini and Adventure options are available for all ability levels but participants in group need to be similar in level and skiing and riding the same trails at a similar pace.
• The Schoolhouse will be used for lesson and bathroom breaks. Only open to lesson participants.
• Inside time will be limited so kids that book Full Day need to have stamina to ski the majority of the time. Parents will need to provide cell phone numbers and be available within 45 minutes to pick up should a child not be able to ski all day.
• Appropriate level groups will access various wood zones. Slide Brook will not be an option at this point due to bus capacity limitations.
• All participants must meet VT Travel Guidelines and complete a day of health screening.
• Lessons available 12/12/20 through 4/11/21
Group Contacting
Please let us know if you are interested in being put on a seasonal programs contact list that we will share to help you form groups with other like-minded families. If you are interested, send the following info for all interested participants’ by Monday, October 12th to the Ski & Ride School. Please note that Sugarbush is not responsible for forming groups. Please do not contact Sugarbush employees or past coaches for assistance.
1. Name
2. Age
3. Skier or rider
4. Ability level
5. County of residence
6. Contact name and info that may be shared with other families- phone and email
7. Half day or full day preference
8. We cannot guarantee coaches, but please let us know if you have a request for a particular coach
Assurance and Cancellation Policy
If Sugarbush closes or the Ski & Ride School is unable to provide lessons, guests will receive a proportional credit towards any 2021/22 lesson program.
If an entire group needs to cancel a lesson due to various reasons, including health and VT travel guidelines, the group will receive a credit to reschedule lessons within the 2020/21 season only, provided the lesson is canceled at least two days prior. If only one or two members of a group need to cancel there will be no credit or refund. If unable to reschedule lesson due to restrictions in 2020/21 season, a proportional credit depending on the number of lessons remaining minus the retail rate of the lessons taken will be rolled over to the 2021/22 season.  If entire group is unable to make any lessons in 2020/21 season a full credit will roll over to the 2020/21 season.
Lessons cancelled within 2 days will not receive a credit or a refund. 
To book or if you have additional questions please call the Ski & Ride School at 802-583-6542 or email us. We will start accepting bookings on Monday, October 5th. Please designate one representative per group to reach out so as to not complicate the booking process. Depending on demand, we may not be able to offer everything to everyone, but we plan to try our best to offer as much as we can. Upon booking we will take all requested dates, confirm staffing, and then finalize with families to take payment. Non-refundable payment for at least 10 lessons for a minimum number of participants is required when finalizing booking. Your initial 10 lessons must be booked by Friday, November 13th, at which point we will not accept any new bookings after that. Please stay tuned for information regarding specialized Adult season long lesson offerings. We are still working on the details but hope to offer a similar custom-made program.
We hope that this alternative programming is a way to continue to have you and your families enjoy our seasonal program offerings. We look forward to seeing you back this winter, and as always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.
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