Sugarbush is committed to supporting the progression and development of a community in which individuals from any background can feel comfortable working, exploring, and adventuring. Our team is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for guests and employees alike. To us, the mountains are for everyone.

We work to address four main areas:

Employee Hiring, Training, and Growth

  • Proactively recruit employees from all backgrounds at all levels within the resort
  • Conduct employee trainings for staff at all levels to better understand, interact with, and provide a welcoming experience for guests of all backgrounds
  • Provide career growth opportunities for these staff

Outreach and Inclusion

  • Strive to represent people from all backgrounds in our outreach initiatives
  • Include these groups in planning for resort offerings including events, products, and activities


  • Partner with organizations striving for similar goals to create a more welcoming and diverse industry for both guests and employees
  • Ski Vermont Diversity Initiative
  • Alterra Mountain Company initiative
  • State of VT Racial Equity Task Force

Diversity Committee

  • Develop a committee dedicated to ensuring these initiatives move forward with participation at the employee, guest, and community levels

Additional Resources:

Ski Area Management – Snowsports Groups Commit to Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity

Black Lives Matter of Greater Burlington

Ski Vermont Diversity Initiative


Vermont Partnership