Ski Mountaineers

Ski Mountaineers take adventure and fun seriously! Blending smart decision-making, route-finding, group dynamics, leadership, teamwork, snow and terrain evaluation, shelter building, backcountry rescue, self-sufficiency and constant preparedness, to become true skiing gurus.

Ski Mountaineers meet every Saturday and Sunday from 8:45AM until 3:00PM, December 16, 2017 through March 18, 2018.

Please note there may be earlier start times that allow the groups to catch first chair at Castlerock and Heaven's Gate on powder days. Ski Mountaineers are encouraged to attend every session to maximize fun, learning, stamina building, and group consistency. Included in Ski Mountaineers is an overnight campout at one of Sugarbush's upper mountain lodges and students may compete in local randonée-style races where available. 

Ski Mountaineers is for advanced skiers only. Participants must be comfortable on most Black Diamond/advanced terrain and have a high willingness and stamina to explore steeps, trees, bumps, park, and the backcountry. Team members will be required to climb or hike at least once per weekend.

Please be aware that all team members must have climbing skins and a backpack with food, water, extra clothing, repair gear, and first aid supplies, plus either Telemark or alpine touring gear. Ski Mountaineers must have a Sugarbush Premium Pass.

Ski Mountaineers includes a NASTAR Race Arena season pass and a 20% cafeteria food discount for use on program weekends.

 Regular Rate: $2285

2017/18 Ski Mountaineers program is full.  Please call 802.583.6819 to be put on the wait list.