Getting Your Pass

Ikon Pass holders

Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass media will be delivered via mail in the early Fall. Like the SugarXpress Card, Ikon Passes give you direct-to-lift access at Sugarbush.

Sugarbush Pass holders

Sugarbush is equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) system at all base area lifts. All pass holders will need an RFID-equipped SugarXpress Card with their season pass loaded on it.

Renewed Season Passes 

2020/21 Season Pass purchasers who have chosen to reload their 2019/20 SugarXpress Card with a Sugarbush Premium or Value Pass online will be able to skip the ticket window and go directly to the lift.

First Time Pass Purchasers

2020/21 Season Pass purchasers who are receiving a SugarXpress Card for the first time must pick up their SugarXpress card at either Season Pass Office at Lincoln Peak or Mt. Ellen. If you already have purchased a product and retained your SugarXpress Card, you can see above to “renewed” section for directions.

New pass holders will be required to take a photo for their season pass, which will be uploaded into the RFID system (photo will not appear on media but will be used to validate pass holder in lift line). This can be done in our online store or at the resort.

Replacement Cards

There will be a $5 charge to replace a lost or forgotten SugarXpress Card. Cards can be replaced at either Season Pass Office at Lincoln Peak or Mt. Ellen. Unlike our past passes, the RFID chip technology is built into each card and is more costly to replace.


* Please note: all tickets products must be loaded onto a reloadable SugarXpress Card. If you do not already have a SugarXpress Card, one may be purchased for $5. Learn more about SugarXpress. Online tickets are non-refundable.