Clay Brook Dog Policy

Clay Brook at Sugarbush understands your dog is a member of your family. We welcome well behaved dogs in designated residences. The following dog-friendly policies apply and are subject to change according to The Board of Directors of the Clay Brook Unit Owners Association or as experience dictates.

  • Clay Brook at Sugarbush allows only dogs as pets in designated “dog-friendly” units.
  • Only well behaved dogs are allowed. Dogs must not be a disturbance to other guests. Management reserves the right to request removal of dogs behaving inappropriately.
  • Please consider housing your dog in its crate whenever left alone in the unit. This may help dogs feel more secure in unfamiliar space, and may be requested if your dog demonstrates barking behavior in your absence.
  • If you will not be present when housekeeping is scheduled for your unit, your dog/s must be left in a crate/s.
  • Crates and leashes will be available for owners if needed.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times when outside your unit.
  • Dogs are only allowed in the following common spaces outside the unit: the hallway to the unit and to the elevator, the South Stairwell in the Dog-Friendly wing, the elevator itself, and the Clay Brook entrance and lobby. No dogs are allowed in the other hallways of Clay Brook, Rumble's Kitchen Restaurant, or in the pool area via the pool gate off the outside walkway.
  • You may exit Clay Brook with your dog via the front lobby to the parking lot level, via the 1st floor lobby to the Lincoln Peak Village Plaza, or via the South Stairwell to the Parking Garage and out the garage doors.
  • You must enter Clay Brook with your dog via the Main Entrance and lobby.
  • Your dog may be walked in designated wooded areas. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. Management provides mutt mitts and designated disposal areas on the grounds for owner convenience.

Clay Brook Hotel owner fees:

The Dog-Housekeeping fee is charged upon arrival according the following schedule (additional per stay):

  • Slope-side King: $35
  • Studio: $35
  • 1 Bedroom Unit: $45
  • 2 Bedroom Unit: $55
  • 3 Bedroom Unit: $65
  • 4 Bedroom Unit: $75
  • 5 Bedroom Unit: $85

Fees cover sanitization of the unit -- required upon departure. These fees are subject to change without prior notice as experience over time dictates.