Daily, by appointment
Reservations requested. 802-583-6725
We offer one-on-one instruction from PGA Professional Roger King catering to all skill levels. Reservations requested.

$60 per 30 minutes: A great way to start getting better! We will spend some time figuring out your tendencies (good and bad), decide what the next step is, and get to work. Buy four 30 minute private lessons and receive one for free!

$120 per hour: The added time allows for more conversation, more goal setting, and more supervision. All 3 will help improve your game. Includes a video lesson. You may see your swing on video and have it analyzed. It will be compared to some of the best swings in the world, and you will see where you are and where you want to be. Using the latest software, we will be able to set a goal and watch the old and new videos each time we get together to see your progress.

$100 yardage fitting: With the use of technology, we will be able to map each club in your bag. This knowledge will allow you to pick the correct club for each shot as opposed to guessing. We spend time hitting balls with each club, note how far they go, analyze the numbers, and when we are done, you will have more confidence in your golf swing.

$60 iron fitting: Get fit for a new set of clubs by Roger King PGA. Roger was awarded the PING Regional Club Fitter of the Year in 2008. He has fit well over 500 players of all levels. Getting fit for a proper set of clubs allows you to maximize your ability, while taking out the guessing in your equipment. With a proper club head lie, golf shaft length, flex, and material, as well as grip size, and set makeup, we will be able to help you become a better golfer without even talking about your golf swing. Once properly fitted, then all you have to do is focus on the game plan that you and Roger decide is best for your game.

Note: If you get fit and buy a set of clubs from Sugarbush Golf Club, ½ of your fee will go towards your purchase.