Pool, Hot Tub, Steam Room & Saunas

SHARC offers an indoor and outdoor (seasonal) pool as well as indoor and outdoor hot tubs, saunas, and a co-ed steam room. Year-round, SHARC offers a full schedule of Red Cross-certified swim lessons, both group and private, for all ages and abilities.

Phone Number: 802-583-6700
Email: sharc@sugarbush.com

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2019 Fall Swim Lessons


30 minute classes for children 3-5 years. Only 3 students per class.
Six classes, beginning the week of September 9th
PRICE: $60 members / $79 non-members

Level 1: First time swimmers, not comfortable in the water. Work on blowing bubbles, getting face wet and a LOT of fun in the water!

Level 2: Children who are comfortable blowing bubbles. They should have been introduced to front and back floats

Level 3: For children who are ready to swim and float on their own. Students will be introduced to new floats, kicks as well as work on endurance.

Level 111:00 AM11:00 AM
Level 211:30 AM & 4:15 PM11:30 AM
Level 33:00 PM12:00 PM

BABY N’ ME: Come with your baby or toddler to this class designed to get you and your child comfortable in the water. You will be taught different ways to hold your child. The child will begin to learn the commands you give. Class is 45 minutes. This class is meant to be a happy, positive experience for both of you!

Wednesdays at 10:30AM, beginning September 11th for 6 weeks
PRICE: $78 members / $99 non-members


45 minutes classes for children 6 and up.
Six classes, beginning the week of September 9th
PRICE: $78 members / $99 non-members

Level 1: First time swimmers, not comfortable in the water. Start learning breathing techniques and work on getting their face wet; as well as floating on their front and back and the flutter kick

Level 2: Children who still need assistance with floating. They feel comfortable in the water and may be starting to swim on their own. They will be working on floats, flutter kick, rotary breathing and elementary back stroke.

Level 3: For children who have passed level 2. The class will continue to work on rotary breathing and will start to put the front crawl stroke together. They will also learn the elementary backstroke, butterfly kick, breaststroke kick and scissor kick.

Level 4: Children must pass level 3 before starting this class. These children know all the kicks and will be learning arm strokes to go with the appropriate kick.

Swim Fitness Club: This group is invite only and/or must have passed level 4. We will be working on endurance, flip turns, racing starts as well as continuing stroke development.

Level 1

3:00 PM
Level 2

3:45 PM
Level 33:30 PM

Level 4
3:15 PM
Swim Fitness
4:00 PM

** Groups must have at least 3 students. Class may be cancelled if there are not enough. **