Yes, there is still snow on the ground, but we do know you’re thinking about the greener months and want to get a jump on things, so here are two To-Do’s to scratch off of your list:

1. Take care of the kids. And what better way to do that than to get them into a four-day camp that will get them outside, engage their minds as they learn about golf and let them play in the mountains.

Sounds fun, right?

a. Not golfers? How about everything else the outdoors holds…like hiking, biking, rock climbing, creek cruising, mountain exploration, field games, and (if it's even possible) more. Our Adventure and Mini camps offer kids everything their imaginations can paint about a summer in Vermont. The Mini camp begins for kids at age 4, the Adventure camp at age 7 and both are available on a per day or weekly basis. Camps begin June 24 and run through August 16. You can learn more by clicking right here and as this decision involves your kid(s), we understand if you want to drop us a line at 802-583-6542 or drop us an email directly at


2. Take care of yourself. Summer’s a precious commodity in Vermont, so make the most of it. A Fore Pack will get you four rounds of golf (see what we did there?) for just a quarter north of $82 a round and it includes a cart. Plus, the rounds are completely transferable, and you can buy up to two Fore Packs.


The end of the ski season means beginning of golf season here at Sugarbush! The golf course is open for daily operations with tee times 9AM - 5PM.