Mt. Ellen Snow Blazers

In the capable hands of our coaches, Mt. Ellen Blazers develop the skills necessary to explore Mount Ellen's trails, terrain park, bumps, and woods and build the foundation for a lifelong love of skiing.

Mt. Ellen Blazers meet every Sunday from 9:30 AM until 3:00 PM, January 7, 2018 through March 18, 2018.

Participants must be confidently turning on green terrain or better and be able to ride a chairlift unassisted. Skiers should be moving with the terrain and not skiing defensively in a wedge. Mt Ellen Blazers are encouraged to attend every session to maximize learning and group consistency. 

Specific activities for each group vary based on ability level, goals, and conditions. Mt. Ellen Blazers can expect to spend time cruising the famed groomers, exploring the extensive wooded terrain, playing in the park, and loving the bumps. Occasional snowboarding instruction may be available to groups that wish to add to their mountain skills.

All Mt. Ellen Blazers must have a Sugarbush Premium Pass. 

Regular Rate: $920

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