Paradise Pale Ale

Collaboration with Mount Holly Beer

This is the tale of how our Paradise Pale Ale was born:

My passion for beer coincided with my twin brothers passion for plants. One day I asked him what his favorite plant in VT was. He said *Lemon Verbena for its unmistakable Lemon Pez aroma. Pondering our next Paradise potion I thought *Japanese Knotweed, although incredibly invasive during the summer in the Mad River Valley, this non native plant also comes with medicinal properties. It would give a nice complementary slight tartness to a Lemon Verbena inspired Ale.*Japanese Knotweed Honey would counterbalance/round it out with subtle sweetness, giving more credibility to the Lemon Pez flavor. Called up my buddy Dan from Mount Holly Beer & proposed these ingredients. Shaking his head he reluctantly agreed after appreciating the magnificent success of our first collaboration, Wanderfuel Belgian IPA. On the 4th of July, 2023 our second collaboration,Paradise Pale Ale was born & Dan couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.

- Peter (Pseudo Intellectual/Paradise Beer Guy)

Paradise Pale Ale:creamy, smooth, slightly tart, slightly sweet...Lemon Pez
(ABV: 5%)

Barbe Rouge: ripe red fruit flavors of currant, strawberry, raspberry
Belma: sweet fruit, berry, currant, citrus,
Strata: strawberry, passion fruit, grapefruit, bubble gum, sage, dank

*Lemon Verbena:
Tasting Notes: citrus/lemon/bright/refreshing/slightly sweet…Lemon Pez
Medicinal Properties: aids in digestion, relieves indigestion/bloating, reduces inflammation, promotes relaxation

*Japanese Knotweed:
Tasting Notes: tart, rhubarb, citrus
Medicinal Properties: antioxidant, has neuroprotective qualities, treats coughs, inflammation, congestion & even snake bites

*Japanese Knotweed Honey:
Tasting Notes: rich, dark, sweet & malty
Medicinal Properties: refer to Japanese Knotweed Medicinal Properties & thank the bees

NOTE: The above medical claims have ONLY been reported to be true for thousands of years but have yet to be “officially” approved by the FDA. Please advise professional medical personnel accordingly…unless you are suffering from the Bad Beer Blues, in which case drink your Paradise & watch your Blues go away.

(Below, see where you can support local merchants while benefiting from these plants, as well as resources on how you can help our environment deal with the invasive nature of this plant)

Japanese Knotweed Tincture

The Knotweed Project
(@madriverknotweed) IG

Special Thanks
Paradise Pale Ale couldn't have happened without the following people:

Runamok: Moira you’re awesome & what a beautiful park
Heidi of Vineyard Sound Herbs: You’re an herbal alchemist
Brett Seymour: Knotty by Nature & Inoculation #6 started this
Johan Von Fusten: I can still see the baseball fields
Brittany Ulmer: Made BOTH Paradise beer labels look amazing AND she put up with me
Rutland Beer Works: Ian, Kayla & Amber you guys rock
Arik Keller: You are a beacon of light in a sea of really really crummy bosses
Val Big: For being such a team player despite not being a beer drinker
Mike #2: Fearless loyal soldier in the battle for good quality VT beer
Dan-The-Man-Tilly #1: Makes damn good beer & a even better human being

Drink this beer & you're helping our environment & kinda technically in theory you too.


Wanderfuel Belgian IPA

Collaboration with Mount Holly Beer

This beer is a collaboration between Paradise Provisions and Mount Holly Beer Co. A Belgian IPA inspired by the European roots of Mount Holly Beer and the Vermont Mountain Paradise that we call home. Made with Grains of Paradise*, Belgian yeast and Champlain Valley Hops.A pour of our Wanderfuel will take you back to your last outdoor adventure in the Mad River Valley.

Pour your Paradise!

*Grains of Paradise flavor profile: woody, peppery, herby, with warm subtle heat. You'll find flavors of ginger, cardamom, citrus, coriander, nutmeg and juniper in each little seed.