Summer Report

Summer mountain activities have finished for the 2015 seasonVisit the SHARC events calendar for on-going classes, clinics and camps to maximize your fun. The indoor pool is open daily. 

Stay informed with the famous Sugarbush snow reportPlease remember the mountain is closed for hiking and biking while we prepare for winter. Check our Winter Trail Use Policy for all the details.

Most of the Mad River Riders and Mad River Path trails throughout the Valley are open, please avoid the trails when they are soft. Please be aware of hunting seasons and avoid using the trails during Deer Rifle Season (Nov 14-29) in the daylight hours. Check out Suki's Alley, a brand new Mad River Riders' trail at Blueberry Lake. The Riders have cleared the leaves off their entire 40+ mile network.

If you are using the golf course for hiking, skiing or snowshoeing, for the rest of the fall, winter and early spring, please stay on the cart paths only and avoid our greens and tees. We applied snow mold fungicide to the tees and greens, which is another reason to avoid them. Please keep pets under control, on-leash and on the cart paths for their safety and remember to clean up after them. Leave No Trace applies to dogs too.

Weather Hold
Reserved For Event

Activity Status
Sugarbush Resort Golf Club
Lift Served Mountain Biking
Bike Park
Bounce House
Bungee Trampoline
Peak Disc Golf Course
Base Disc Golf Course
Scenic Lift Rides
Trail Key:
Freestyle Terrain

Trail Open
Under Construction
Reserved For Racing / Event

Lift Status
Super Bravo Express Quad Open

Freestyle Mountain Bike Terrain

Trail Status
Bike Park

Downhill Mountain Bike Trails

Trail Status
Bear Nest
Beech Nut
Big Birch
Burly Maple
Coffee Run
Domino Chute
East of Eden
Fisher Cat
Grand Stand
Heaven’s Gate Traverse
Lower Downspout
Lower Jester
Lower Organgrinder
Lower Snowball
Murphy’s Glades
Over the Ledge
Racer’s Edge
Reverse Traverse
Rock and Roll
Ruffed Up
Sap Line
The Flats
The Runout
Trillium Traverse
Turkey Tumble
Valley House Traverse
Wild Turkey
Witch Hazel
Wood Chuck
Wood Lot
Weather Hold
Reserved For Event

Activity Status
Sugarbush Resort Golf Club

Hole Status
Putting Green
Driving Range
Golf Hole 1
Golf Hole 2
Golf Hole 3
Golf Hole 4
Golf Hole 5
Golf Hole 6
Golf Hole 7
Golf Hole 8
Golf Hole 9
Golf Hole 10
Golf Hole 11
Golf Hole 12
Golf Hole 13
Golf Hole 14
Golf Hole 15
Golf Hole 16
Golf Hole 17
Golf Hole 18