John Egan's Adventure Blazers

Welcome to the Blazer community at Sugarbush! Generations of devoted skiers and their families have found a home in the Blazer program over the decades, and there still is no better way for Sugarbush kids to grow into all-mountain skiers here in New England’s best winter playground. Following in the footsteps of Sugarbush’s own legendary extreme skier John Egan, Blazers write their own definition of Adventure every week. With a focus on teamwork to develop skills and promote our core values of safety, fun, and learning, the wider Blazer community creates truly lasting relationships between skiers and their families. Consistent groups and continuity of coaching allows participants to move forward and experience increasingly challenging adventures while becoming responsible stewards of our mountain environment.

Adventure Blazers meets every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 AM until 3:00 PM, December 16, 2017 through March 19, 2018. Participants must be linking turns with confidence on green terrain and be able to ride a chairlift unassisted.

Groups are formed the 1st two weekends of Blazers. It is important to be here so groups can be formed based on friendships, skill level, and pacing/ motivation levels.

All Adventure Blazers must have a Sugarbush Premium Pass.  Blazers includes a NASTAR Race Arena season pass, a 20% cafeteria food discount on program weekends..

Regular Rate: $1735

Registration closed.  Please call 888.651.4827 for more information.