Dining & Base Lodges Protocol

Food and Beverage

We have significantly increased our food and beverage grab-and-go offerings throughout the resort, both at our current facilities and new ones. All grab-and-go food with be ordered online ahead of time with pickup times provided upon receipt. *Information on how to order food online is forthcoming*. Capacities in restaurants are going to be limited, but we do plan to offer sit down dining with table service by reservation only at both Rumble’s Bistro & Bar and Castlerock Pub.

Other dining venues including cafeterias, our new food truck, Nomad Coffee, Castlerock Pub, Wunderbar, Green Mountain Lounge, Walt’s at the Glen House, and Allyn’s Lodge will offer grab and go food with some venues offering an option to reserve seating when you order online. Guests may reserve tables for 35 minutes at a time.

Additional seating will be available outdoors along with heaters and firepits with no reservations necessary.

Base Lodges

Base lodges will be operating differently this year. Boot and bag rooms will be closed this season, and we ask that all guests boot up at their respective vehicles.  No personal bags, boots or belongings can be stored within our lodges.

Each base lodge will have designated entrances and exits with each lodge portioned off into different sections. Each of those sections will have their own designated capacity or a maximum of 75 people, with either a running total of guests indoors displayed at the entrance or controlled by table reservations.

The Gate House Lodge and Mt. Ellen Base Lodge will both offer limited “warm-up areas” for a limited number of guests. In the Gate House Lodge this warming area will be located on the 2nd floor closest to the Super Bravo Lift.  At Mt. Ellen it will be located on the north wing of the 2nd floor.

Bathrooms will be available in lodges but will fall under the capacity limits of that section of the base lodge. These areas will be separate from dining area capacities and will be accessed separately from outside.