Vermonters Save 20% at Timbers

This offer is no longer available.

Localvore is nothing new—Vermonters have been doing it for centuries, preserving autumn’s harvest in root cellars for the months to come. At Sugarbush, we cherish our Vermont roots and are dedicated to providing local food year-round. That’s why we preserved 1,800 pounds of veggies from Gaylord Farm to serve at Timbers Restaurant this winter. Take part in this Vermont tradition of eating local, and save when you show your Vermont ID. For reservations and more information, call 802.583.6300. * Discount only valid for members in party with Vermont identification. Holiday dates: 2/16/15 – 2/19/15. This offer ends after April 26, 2015. Not valid on alcohol. Not valid with any other discount or promotion.