Holiday Fore Pack

4 Sugarbush Resort Golf Club 18-Hole Rounds with Cart

Valid Summer 2020. No Blackouts.
For Sale thru January 6, 2020
Only $229

We’ve packaged up four 18-hole golf rounds with cart that can be used any time during the 2020 summer golf season, and are offering them for just $229. A serious savings. And the Fore Pack rounds are transferable, so you and your friends, family, or co-workers can use them. But you have to act fast – the $229 Fore Pack is only for sale thru January 6, 2020.


Fore Packs must be issued to an individual at the time of purchase, and only this individual may redeem Fore Pack rounds at the Golf Club. One or multiple rounds may be used at a time. Limit: two Fore Packs per person. To redeem Fore Pack rounds, bring a valid government-issued ID to Sugarbush Resort Golf Club. Non-refundable. Tee times strongly recommended.

The Fine Print

  • Valid at Sugarbush Resort Golf Club any day during summer 2020.
  • Only the person in the “Issued To” field may redeem rounds.
  • Rounds may be used one at a time or all at once. Share them with friends/family or use them for yourself.
  • Limit: two Fore Packs per person. May be gifted.
  • Illegal for resale.
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • No refunds. All sales final.
  • Redeem with matching identification.
  • Vermont State sales tax not included.


Q: Can I use all four rounds on the same day and share them with my friends?
A: Yes.

Q: Can someone else redeem my Fore Pack rounds?
A: No. Not even if you send them with ID, or call it in first.

Q: I only used one of my Fore Pack rounds this season. Can I get a refund on 3? Can I transfer them to next year?
A: No.

Q: Can I gift a Fore Pack?
A: Yes, but you need to issue it to the person at time of purchase, and must know their date of birth and address.

Q: Can I use one round a day for four days in a row? What if they’re non-consecutive?
A: Yes. You can use your rounds whenever you want.

Q: How many Fore Packs may I buy?
A: You may purchase as many as you want, but may only issue two Holiday Fore Packs to each person. So you could buy yourself two, gift two to your friend, two to your Aunt, and so on.

Q: Do I need a tee time?
A: Tee times are highly recommended. Call 802-583-6725.

Q: What if I make a tee time and don’t show?
A: One golf round from your Fore Pack will still be used, unless the course is closed for weather.