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PHAT (Protect your Head at All Times) is a Vermont non-profit program that promotes the use of helmets in all sports where head injury is a serious risk. In regards to helmet fit and impact, they recommend the following: - Helmets are made for single-impact ONLY! If you take a hard fall, replace it. - Replacement of helmets is recommended every 5 years. The materials used in the helmet break down over time. - Check your child’s helmet every year. Children grow rapidly, so make sure the helmet still fits properly. - Use a helmet designed specifically for your sport. Each sport has its own type of impact and accidents. A bike helmet should never be worn for protection in skiing just as a skiing helmet should never be used for protection in riding an ATV. - Buy a helmet that meets industry standards. Be sure to review product literature for the helmet to find out which standard the helmet meets. - Never Buy a Used Helmet. There is no way to know the history of used helmets or safety gear.