Slide Brook Basin

Beyond resort boundaries, between Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen, lies the 2000-acre Slide Brook Basin. Slide Brook Basin is home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, black bear, white-tailed deer, and many other species. During the winter, it’s also home to skiers and riders seeking backcountry solitude.

Those wishing to access Slide Brook are recommended to use a Sugarbush Ski & Ride School Private Lesson or Snowshoe Guide. Please be aware that upon entering Slide Brook Basin you are leaving resort boundaries and are subject to Off-Trail Policies.

The wooded areas in Slide Brook Basin descend towards Slide Brook Road, which leads to German Flats Road. A Mad Bus stop is located at the bottom of Slide Brook Road at German Flats Road, where skiers and riders can catch a lift back to either Lincoln Peak or Mt. Ellen base areas.

Off-Trail Policies

Wooded areas are not patrolled and have no skier/snowboarder services. If you ski/ride in wooded areas, you are solely responsible for yourself. Woods are recommended for expert skiers/riders in groups of three or more. Do not ski/ride alone. Unmarked obstacles exist throughout.

VERMONT LAW provides that you are liable for all expenses related to search and/or rescue if you venture off of designated trails or beyond the ski area boundary.

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Written by John Atkinson
Wednesday, November 22, 2017