Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Something Old

You are cordially invited to the wedding of your dreams. Set in Vermont’s breathtaking Mad River Valley, Sugarbush offers a timeless natural setting for you to tie the knot and share your special day with friends and family.
Anchored by Vermont values, Sugarbush believes in a classic commitment to excellence. We fully understand how special your wedding needs to be and will spare no effort to provide you with the highest level of service. Simply put, Sugarbush is a classic, a place where people have flocked for decades to enjoy themselves with the people they love. And once you’ve spent time here, you know what we mean when we say, “Life truly is better in the Mad River Valley.” 

Something New

The mountain air at Sugarbush is filled with a sense of possibility. Here, each day holds the opportunity to live life to its fullest.
Perhaps it’s the changing of the seasons, the inexorable march toward summer, winter, fall and spring. Perhaps it’s the talent of our local artisans, chefs, organic farmers and musicians, bringing new creativity and imagination to our home. Or perhaps it’s Lincoln Peak, a Vermont-styled mountainside community where you can hold your reception and ceremony. However you define it, you and your guests will leave here with a deep feeling of renewal. 

Something Borrowed

We’re excited to share our Sugarbush home with you and we’re confident it will feel like your home too. You’ll soon see why locals choose to live here and enjoy such an extraordinary lifestyle.
Sugarbush Resort provides an exquisite setting for your reception, ceremony and other activities. And the rest of the Mad River Valley is equally special with restaurants, inns and shops to suit any taste. We invite you to share this quintessential Vermont experience with your friends and family. They’ll be struck by the beauty of our natural environment and will remember their time here fondly for years to come. 

Something Blue

Since 1958, Sugarbush has been known for our winter snows, but white is just one of the brilliant shades that will set the stage for your special day here.
When the sun shines, the bluest skies hang over our mountain ridges and the farm fields below. In summer, brilliant greens make every stitch of land seem alive with color. And as winter approaches, the radiance of autumn adds a shock of yellow, orange and red to every branch. Winter, spring, summer and fall, weddings are always in season at Sugarbush.