Privacy Policy

Sugarbush Resort believes strongly that every person has the right to privacy.

Sugarbush Resort maintains information on its visitors only to provide a better, more personal experience for the visitor.. Through the use of cookies Sugarbush Resort gains information about visitors to a web site. This information is used to make the visitor's web experience more enjoyable by learning about their preferences and browsing behavior. Along with the information gathered to personalize a visitor's experience, aggregate summary information is used to learn about the market as a whole.

Sugarbush Resort employs cookies in order for its server to recognize a return visitor as a unique user. Cookies are small text files placed in the 'Cookies' folder on a visitor's hard disk and allow for Sugarbush Resort to remember the visitor. The cookies placed by the Sugarbush Resort server cannot access, read or modify any other data on a computer. All web-browsers offer the option to refuse any cookie, and if a visitor refuses the Sugarbush Resort cookie then Sugarbush Resort does not gather any information on that visitor.

Information gathered
Sugarbush Resort will gather information such as the type of internet browser used, the type of operating system used, the domain name of your internet service provider, your IP address, the pages you visit on our web site, and/or the web site from which you linked to the site, service or advertisement.

At times, Sugarbush Resort may ask for more specific contact information to be entered as a means of registration before accessing a certain part of the site. Sugarbush Resort uses this information to understand its visitors and, with permission, to provide visitors with updates. A visitor may always opt not to enter any information about themselves if they so choose.

Usages of Info
Information is gathered about visitors for the sole purpose of serving them better. Web-visit information may be linked to the visitor's business card information if it is available. Personal information gathered by Sugarbush Resort is never for sale or trade to anyone. Sugarbush Resort may share certain information with affiliates and third party vendors to better service you, for example with order fulfillment or the operation of marketing promotions. . Sugarbush respects all comments via all online sources, and welcomes any and all constructive criticisms, but reserves the right to limit any abusive, malicious and/or unsuitable content.

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