Sugarbush’s Pond Skimming and Wall of Fame Weekend Recognized as Top 10 Winter Event in State


Warren, VT (June 4, 2019) – Sugarbush’s Pond Skimming and Wall of Fame Weekend has been recognized by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce as one of the Top 10 2019/20 Winter Events in the state.

The list, determined by a panel of independent judges, looks for creativity, diversity, and appeal during the selection process. Events can feature both honored traditions, as well as contemporary experiences.

Pond Skimming and Wall of Fame Weekend is scheduled for April 20th, 2020. Pond Skimming is a longstanding tradition at the resort, with one of the oldest continuously operating pond skimming events in the country. The event invites 120 participants to try their luck at skiing or riding across a pond, led by Sugarbush Owner and President, Win Smith. The spectacle attracts spectators of all ages, skiers or otherwise, to line the slope and watch the fun.

The Wall of Fame, introduced in 2019 to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to “cultivating a spirit of lifelong adventure and camaraderie among Sugarbush staff, guests, and the community” welcomes several new inductees each year. The event includes a cocktail reception, induction ceremony, dinner, and fireworks display. Last season the resort inducted several well known Sugarbush personalities along with a separate Founders category that inducted some of the most influential people from the early days of the resort.

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