Sugarbush Quad Pack Clarification


Warren, VT (November 6th, 2017) – Sugarbush is selling their Quad Packs again this year. For $229 guests can get a pack of four transferrable, unrestricted lift tickets through the month of November. An earlier communication contained some misinformation about the redemption process. Following is clarification on this: Given that Sugarbush is implementing RFID gates this season, every guest must have a SugarXpress card for access to the lifts. For Quad Pack purchasers, up to four SugarXpress cards may be purchased for an additional $5. Customers have the option of loading four Quad Pack tickets onto one SugarXpress card, loading one Quad Pack ticket onto four SugarXpress Cards, or any combination in between. A ticket is redeemed when the SugarXpress card is activated by guests walking through the RFID gates at the start of their ski day.