Green Mountain Valley School Announces Comprehensive Training Partnership with U.S. Ski Team


Fayston, VT (January 13, 2017) - Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS) today announced a
comprehensive training partnership with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association
(USSA) that designates GMVS as both a U.S. Ski Team Development Site, and as a U.S. Ski
Team High Performance Center. The U.S. Ski Team designations are the result of an ongoing
USSA initiative to develop a pipeline of elite skiing talent, while formalizing its partnership
programs with leading academic and training institutions, of which GMVS is one.

“Partnerships around the country with outstanding academic and training facilities like GMVS
are critical to the development of athletes,” said USSA President and CEO Tiger Shaw. “Our
partnership with GMVS deepens an already strong relationship we have that empowers athletes
and their trainers to live up to and exceed their potential. GMVS has developed an exceptional
track record when it comes to developing competitive athletic talent.”

The partnership recognizes the world-class caliber of the training and coaching resources at
GMVS. As a U.S. Ski Team High Performance Training Center, GMVS will collaborate with
USSA to develop regional and future national team athletes for the U.S. Ski teams. As a U.S.
Ski Team Development Site, GMVS will provide training space for U.S. Ski Team members,
and space to local clubs for athlete development.

“We are honored to be deepening our partnership with USSA,” said Steve Utter, Alpine Program
Director at GMVS. “This enhanced relationship enables us to provide unparalleled training
and development opportunities for our student-athletes, USSA team members, and other
racers in the USSA pipeline.”

“What makes this designation important is that it cultivates an even stronger connection with
USSA, enabling GMVS and Sugarbush to tap into resources and relationships that can unlock an
athlete’s potential,” said Sugarbush Resort President Win Smith. “It’s a terrific step forward
for the school, the resort and most of all, the athletes.”

At the heart of its programs, and at the core of the designation, the $10M, 30,000 square foot
GMVS Racing Performance Center (RPC) is unparalleled in the U.S. It combines high-performance
athletic spaces with cutting edge ski tuning, physical training, comprehensive video analysis, physical therapy, and coaches’ offices in one central location. Training spaces incorporate a range of different features and finishes, each geared toward maximizing conditioning while providing resilient biomechanical support, durability, and flexibility of use. The RPC encompasses the following components, all integrated to provide athletes with superior physical, psychological, nutritional and injury recovery programs:

1. Strength training, conditioning, functional movement spaces
2. Full size gym with cushioned flooring to prevent injury
3. Integrated physical therapy with 20’x15’ recovery pool
4. Full Wintersteiger tuning and waxing equipment
5. Student tuning room with downdraft tables
6. Student locker room
7. Video analysis room
8. Integrated coaches’ offices and meeting spaces
9. On-site sports psychologist integrated with the training regime
10. Integrated nutrition education program.

On the snow, GVMS’s diverse and experienced coaching staff provides constructive development
and training guidance that enables athletes to excel. The school’s relationship with Sugarbush
Resort provides exceptional on-snow training in the Kelly Brush Race Arena at Mt. Ellen. Sugarbush perennially provides early-season snow making which enables GMVS athletes to be on snow very early in the season, allowing the resort to often host the first races of the season in New England. The Kelly Brush Race Arena provides high-quality, safe base facilities.

GMVS prides itself on combining top ski-race training with exceptional academics. Their vision
is as follows: GMVS will be an exceptional school (grades 7-PG) that balances a world-class ski
racing program with an outstanding academic program, designed to create an environment
that encourages our students to pursue their full potential, passions, and personal excellence,
while developing the fundamental character traits that will enable them to achieve life success.

“The U.S. Ski Team’s designation is a key component of our mission and what we strive to become,”
Utter said. “We’re honored to be a committed part of their vision for training and development.”