Cafeteria Supervisor

Food and Beverage
(Full Time / Winter Seasonal)


The Cafeteria Supervisor will oversee the operation and management of the cafeteria, including maintenance of inventory, cleanliness, hiring and training of staff, scheduling, and weekly meetings. 


  • Manage daily operations of cafeteria.
  • Maintain inventory and order when needed. 
  • Ensure standards of cleanliness are upheld. 
  • Hire, train, and schedule staff. Discipline if necessary. 
  • Perform all tasks in an environmentally sound manner, especially in regard to disposal of waste products. 


Must be able to work 8 hours at a time on your feet. Must have knowledge of professional food safety procedures, cost controls, and inventory management. Must be knowledgeable about current food service trends. Must be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Must have or be able to attain a valid ServeSafe and DLC license.