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Rumble's Kitchen Dinner Menu

Rumble's Kitchen is named in honor of Rumble, Sugarbush's Bernese Mountain Dog mascot who spent nearly nine years at the mountain pursuing a life of adventure and camaraderie. Rumble's adventures included hiking, walking, cooling off in the river, and leading the annual dog parade. He loved hanging out with dog friends and siblings at the mountain, hosting his dog cousins for visits, and spending time at his doghouse surrounded by the many children of Sugarbush.


Marinated Olives (GF)(DF)(V) $3
Maple-Rosemary Roasted Nuts (GF)(DF)(V) $3
Onion Dip & Chips (GF)(V) $4
Pickled Veggies (GF)(DF)(V) $4
Kimchi (GF)(DF) $3


Rumble’s Greens & Garnishes $9
mixed greens topped with seasonal garnishes, toasted seeds, and ginger tamari vinaigrette (GF)(DF)(V)

Even Rumble liked the occasional greens in his bowl. . .

Caesar Salad $10
torn romaine with a garlicky Caesar dressing and croutons (GF: no croutons)

Fried Brussels Sprout Salad $12
baby spinach, bacon, crumbled Cabot cheddar, sherry vinaigrette and apple chutney

Big dogs love their protein. . .
add chicken $5
grilled burger $6

Bigger Than A Snack

Cup of Soup $6
When the soup is good, life is good

Chicken Wings $14
crispy wings with our dry Rumble Rub or honey-lime sriracha sauce with blue cheese dip, carrots, and celery sticks (GF)

Vermont Cheese Plate $15
three local cheeses, artisan crackers, apple chutney, maple-rosemary roasted nuts, local honey (V)

Nachos $14
tortilla chips, Vermont cheese blend, pico de gallo, and local pork (GF)
Rumble loved pork, but if you don't we can hold it (GF)(V) $13

Fries & Dips $8
hand-cut sea-salted fries and a selection of dipping sauces (GF)(DF)(V)

Baked Mac and Cheese $9
Cabot cheddar cheese sauce and jumbo macaroni baked 'til golden brown

Dog Bones $8
Kielbasa wrapped in puff pastry flecked with spices baked golden brown. Served with a two mustard dipping sauce

Burgers, Tacos, Sandwiches

burgers and sandwiches served with house-made chips

Classic Burger $14
local beef with Cabot cheddar cheese

House Burger $16
over-easy fried egg, bacon, Cabot cheddar, crispy onion strings and Sriracha mayo

Chicken Sandwich $14
grilled marinated chicken breast, bacon, Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and a basil aioli

Pork Tacos, Street-style $14
crispy carnitas, pickled red cabbage, smoked paprika crema, and cilantro in a corn tortilla

Portabella Burger $14
roasted portabella mushroom caps with Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and basil aioli (V)(DF: no sauce)

Sandwich Cubano $14
braised pork shoulder, smoked ham, dill pickles, Alpine cheese with mustard between a pressed baguette
Rumble felt that everything is improved with bacon add $2

Dinner Plates

Lazy Man's Roast Chicken $24
Misty Knoll roast chicken pulled from the bone with crispy skin and natural pan juices, mashed potato and today's vegetables

Filet Mignon $28
grilled fillet topped with gremolata butter served with mashed potato and today's vegetables (GF)
Show me a dog that doesn't love steak...

Market Fish - priced to sell, keeping it fresh
Rumble wasn't much of a fisherman, but he sure loved to cool off in the river on a hot day...

Smoked Tofu Ramen Bowl $18
miso broth, smoked grilled tofu, soft boiled egg, and crisp veggies (DF)(V)

Please mention dietary restrictions to your server and we will do our best to accommodate them.
Gluten-free (GF) Vegetarian (V) Dairy-Free (DF) dishes are indicated.
Advisory: consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, fowl, or dairy products may be hazardous to your health.