The Peter Pan Diet

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Many Baby Boomers like me have a “Peter Pan Complex”.  We never want to get old, and we actually believe we may not.  It is great to see so many of my peers much more active at our age than our parents were. Rather than retiring and moving to Florida to play golf, I am encouraged by the many people over 65 enjoying the slopes and woods of Sugarbush in winter, and participating in our great outdoors by hiking and biking in the warmer months.

I have a personal goal of shooting my age in golf and skiing 100 days when I reach 100.  However, I have learned that hope is never a method, and that the older you are, the more important proper nutrition and exercise is.  I might also add that tips from our golf pro, Roger King, our Ski & Ride Director, Terry Barbour, and our Hall of Famer John Egan make this more of a possibility, as well.  This year, we have introduced a new “Fit for Snow” program for our colleagues in Ski & Ride, Patrol and Lift Operations, with the goal of improving on-snow safety.  This is a scientifically-based program that has demonstrated results at other ski areas. I sat through a presentation at our Ski & Ride Orientation and am now committed to following the program.  

Several years ago, I had a yard sale on Joe’s Cruiser, hitting my knee quite hard. Foolishly, I did not get my knee treated properly, and I paid the price.  Fortunately, the orthoscopic surgery I had this summer, and the subsequent physical therapy, has me ready for the season.  But, as I think back on how that injury occurred, I realized that I had neglected some fundamental self-care.  First, I was not sufficiently hydrated that morning. Second, I had not eaten properly, and my low blood sugar slowed my reaction time. Finally, I realized that I had not sufficiently stretched before jumping into high gear on the slopes.  That was my first significant ski injury, and it took some enjoyment out of skiing the past two seasons.  I am now more focused on doing the right things to stay healthy and fit for snow.  Hope is not a method,   but good knowledge and preparation is.

As I went up to the mountain this morning, I began to get stoked.  The lifts are going through their final inspections, the snow makers are setting up the guns, our facilities team is placing the ski racks, and our new access gates are almost fully installed.   Our new mid-mountain snow stake is getting set up, too.  Hopefully, temperatures will allow us to begin snowmaking in the next few days and hit our scheduled Opening Day on Saturday, November 18th.  And fingers crossed – the forecast is calling for some snow in the latter part of next week, just in time for the Boston Ski Show and the Waitsfield Ski and Skate Sale.

This year, all ticket holders and season passholders will be required to have a SugarXpress card to  access the base lifts at both Lincoln Peak and Mount Ellen.  For passholders, the SugarXpress card will function exactly like past season passes, and can add on resort charge.  Once a day-ticket holder has a card, he or she can buy additional tickets online and go directly to the lift.  Quad Pack holders will also have the option to pick up from one to four SugarXpress cards for each Quad Pack ticket purchased, based on how they choose to use it. That way, they can go directly to the lifts on subsequent days.  Guests will also be able to purchase advance tickets online and on their smart phones.  Tickets purchased 48 hours in advance will be sold at a considerable discount to the window-ticket price, and even tickets purchased day-of online or on a smart phone in the parking lot will be discounted.  Advance purchase will always be better than buying at the window, and our Quad Pack-- on sale through November 30th -- is the best deal. (Quad Packs can be picked up on weekends prior to Opening Day at our Season Pass office in The Farmhouse.)

Last week, the Mountain Collective resorts got together in New York City.  It is a pleasure to be part of such a fine group.  I always learn a lot from well-run mountains, and I consider the Mountain Collective resorts to be some of the best in the industry.  The MC group held a very nice reception for members of the media and passholders.   We enjoyed spending time with these avid skiers and riders, many of whom are looking forward to coming to Sugarbush this winter.  I know that many of our Sugarbush Premium passholders are looking forward to skiing and riding other MC mountains this winter, as well.

We look forward to welcoming many of our Sugarbush veterans back this season. But we are still looking for some additions to our team-- in snowmaking, lift operations,  food and beverage, the Day School, and patrol.  In addition to competitive wages, we offer great benefits in the form of ski passes for employees and their families, food and other service discounts, as well as some housing. If you know of anyone looking for winter work, please have them contact us.

For those of you in the Boston area, our team is looking forward to seeing you there next week.

Think snow!  It is time!