The Ides of March

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Leap Day was the 100th day we were open this season.  That was only my 87th day on snow in 2019/20, but there are a few folks from our Sugarbush community who have already hit their 100th day.  I will have to wait until the Ides of March to get my 100th day in. Speaking of the Ides of March, Shakespeare made famous the quote, “Beware the Ides of March.”  Rather than that, I am hoping the Ides of March will deliver us that March storm we have typically seen these past few springs. For now though, the next few days look like the roller-coaster winter will continue. While our snow cover is still holding up fairly well, we could see some loss of terrain until we get that March storm. Our total snowfall of 140” so far is below average. Fortunately, we have not had an extended meltdown yet, and we have recovered after every event.  I always use Lower Birdland as my benchmark. When that looks skiable, as it does now, we know that the snow cover on the rest of the mountain is holding up well.

As you know, we have launched our season pass campaign for next year, and spring prices always offer the best value. I am very pleased that we are offering both the Ikon Passes this year as well as retaining most of our own local products. Change like this can sometimes be confusing, but we have tried to provide information on our website with details about each option to help give you an understanding of what is best for you.

Both the Ikon and the Ikon Base Pass include benefits that are important to understand. For instance, in addition to having access to 41 resorts, the Ikon Pass offers a 15% discount on Food and Beverage (except alcohol) and also includes 10 friends- and- family passes that offer 25% discounts off the window ticket price. The Ikon Base Pass and the Sugarbush Premiums passes also contain some nice benefits.  I am pleased that we have been able to retain our Value, College, Young Adult (our old For20s and Youth Pass combined into one age group), and Boomer Midweek Passes in addition to offering the Ikon Pass options. I do know that some in their 30s are disappointed that we no longer offer that pass, but the price point on that product was essentially the same as the Ikon Base Pass and the Value Pass, so we felt those options were the best to offer. I think when you dig into it you’ll see that both of those passes can be a great alternative depending on what you’re looking for.

While we have crossed the 100th day of the season, we still have over 50 days to go unless Mother Nature has a mean streak. A, and we still have many fun spring events such as Castlerock Extreme, St. Patrick’s Day, Sloshwicking, Mt. Ellen Ender, and Pond Skimming among others. And we will be holding our second annual Wall of Fame Celebration Ceremony on Friday, April 5th.  I am really pleased that Henri Borel, Sigi Grottendorfer, and Guy Ludwig are this year’s inductees.  I’ll point you over to John Bleh’s blog to learn more about each inductee. Unfortunately, Sigi cannot attend in person due to a scheduling conflict, but we plan to have him join us next spring.

Continue to think snow! Some of the best storms historically have come in March and April, and I’m hopeful we haven’t seen our last storm yet.