The Arts of August

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August is the month when the arts take over the Valley, with events to enjoy each and every day.  This year ‘s Skinner Barn production –Oklahoma--has been getting rave reviews.  And this Sunday, August 6th, we host Vermont Festival of the Arts’ “From the Ocean to the Mountains”, an outdoor culinary celebration at Lincoln Peak that includes an afternoon scenic lift ride. Other events offered throughout the month include open studios, art shows, and cooking demonstrations.

The typically warm, sunny days of August make it another one of my favorite months.  This summer, after an unusually wet and cool start, I will appreciate August even more. It has become our busiest warm-weather month at Sugarbush, and for good reason:  Warm, sunny days, coupled with lush Green Mountains, make this Valley an idyllic summer vacation spot.  The hiking, tennis, mountain biking, and road biking options are plentiful, and numerous swimming holes in and around the Valley are great places to cool off, relax and have fun.  Of course, we have our own 25-yard outdoor pool at the SHaRC, as well as our Clay Brook outdoor pool and hot tubs.

This week, we are aerating the greens on the golf course to ensure that they remain healthy for the balance of the season.  After several days, they will be rolling fast and true, and will be open for play right through the end of October – unless, of course, the snows come early. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, the course remains in great condition.

Wedding season has brought a lot of activity to the Valley, and last weekend we hosted four weddings here at Sugarbush with the parties using our lifts, Rumble’s Kitchen, the Gate House Lodge, and the Sugarbush Inn. The weather could not have been nicer.  My eldest stepdaughter, Julie, attended a friend’s wedding at the Mad River Barn and gave it great marks.  It is terrific to see how the new ownership has invested and created another special place here in the Valley.  Lili and I attended a wedding at The Pitcher Inn several weeks ago, and could not have been more impressed with the venue and the cuisine.  We are very proud of the weddings we produce here at Sugarbush, but it is also great to know that the Valley has numerous options from which to choose for weddings, small business conferences and family reunions. 

Our two new lift replacements are underway. The cement footings for the Sunshine Quad have been poured, and that will be the case shortly for the Village Quad.  Soon, the towers will be set and construction on the lift shacks will begin.  Our new snowmaking pipe has been laid, our snowmaking pumps have been rebuilt and installed, and the mountings for our new North Ridge motor have been designed and will soon be manufactured.  The wet summer has slowed down some of the summer projects, but with the sun out and drying the ground, we are making good progress.

Camps have been in full swing, and it is great to see so many young children enjoying all the activities we offer. Next week, both our Adventure Camp and our Mountain Bike Adventure Camps will include special guests: Olympian Doug Lewis and World Cup ski racer Kelly Lewis will introduce their Eliteam training to our Adventure Campers; and Sugarbush-sponsored pro mountain biker Isaac Allaire will work with our Mountain Bike Adventure Campers.

I have also enjoyed seeing so many dogs around the resort, hiking or walking with their families, or sitting on the patio of Rumble’s Kitchen.  Rumble would have been delighted.

It is the last full summer month, which means we are only three months away from firing up the snowmaking system for the 2017/2018 season. I have not yet heard from our lift mechanics how high the hornets are building their nests, but I have noticed the great snows that have been hitting the Southern Hemisphere this year. This often suggests we are in for a snowy winter.  My fingers are crossed.

Believe it or not, our season pass promotion will begin again in just a few weeks, as will that of the Mountain Collective. This means that winter is not far behind.