Symbols of Freedom

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The Fourth of July is upon us, as well as the eclectic Warren parade, and this year’s theme is “Symbols of Freedom”. Sugarbush will have its own float in the parade and our theme will be freedom to explore – the freedom to choose your own adventure any time of the year. As usual Prickly Mountain will have a creative float of its own with a political theme that is sure to delight many in the crowd and offend a few. But that in and of itself is a symbol of freedom. This year’s Parade Marshalls will be Sean and Karen Lawson, a most appropriate choice.  We are so fortunate in this country to have freedom of speech and expression, and it is important to also remember those who fought and often lost their lives protecting us from tyranny.

The weather forecast is looking very favorable after a rainy spring, finally causing everything up here to turn lush and green, so I hope many of you can make it up for a long weekend. After the parade the annual street dance in front of The Warren Store will begin along with a bunch of fun activities at The Warren School. Up on the mountain we will be in full swing with our own activities. Rumble’s is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner though reservations are recommended for dinner that night.  The Castlerock Pub will be open for food and drink beginning at 4pm, and The Detonators will play from 6-9pm with Fireworks set to begin around 9:30pm once the skies darken.

In one of my past posts, I mentioned that I had managed to ski “148 days so far".  Well, I snuck away to Squaw Valley and closed out the season with another three days on the slopes. It really was amazing how much snow was still on the upper mountain. It set up overnight so the groomers did a nice job of preparing the slopes and the skiing from 8am to noon was great fun. While Squaw will be closing after July 4th, Mammoth, another Ikon/Mountain Collective Resort, plans to stay going through August and maybe into September, so it might be tempting to get in another few days before our own season begins again. The question will be do those days count towards this past season or next season? Who knows?

As all of you know, skiing is certainly one of my passions, but the other athletic event I have been equally passionate about over the years is football (called soccer by a number of Americans).  I played for many years until my hamstrings wore out, but I still love watching it.  The past few weeks have been fun watching both the U.S. Women's and Men's teams in action at the World Cup and the Gold Cup respectfully.  It is good to see the Men's team rebuilding under a new coach and with a younger generation of players. but it has been thrilling to see our Women's team in action.  The skill, poise and passion with which they play is awesome to watch, and it was also interesting to learn that the ticket revenue from their games has actually exceeded that of the men's team these past few years. While this all makes me feel great, more importantly, it is inspiring to my granddaughter who is really enjoying playing "soccer" on her travel team down in Connecticut. On Tuesday we beat England so now it is off to the finals on Sunday. Tonight the Men battle Jamaica and hopefully they too will be off to the finals on Sunday.  If you are a soccer fan, Sunday should be a fun day to enjoy some indoor activities.

Summer is in full swing here now both on the mountain and in the Valley and there really is a tremendous number of great things to do here for the next few months until our thoughts once again turn to skiing and riding. If you need help figuring out what to do, check out John Bleh's latest blog post.