Rain, Rain Go Away

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“Rain, rain go away. . .”  And, it has, and will turn to a wintry mix that ends with maybe up to six inches of snow.  Our trails with snowmaking have held up well.  Our groomers will allow the rain to drain a bit, and then will be out in force after midnight.  We will have five groomers on the Lincoln Peak side and three over at Mount Ellen to lay down an aggressive grooming plan.  There will not be time to groom every possible trail by opening, but many will be freshly-groomed. With some new fresh snow mixed in, we should see some nice skiing and riding. More will be groomed Saturday night, and Sunday will be an even better day.  It will cool down quite a bit, but nothing like the bitter cold of Christmas week and last weekend.  The sun should be popping out and the winds will be light, so I am expecting two really nice days on Sunday and Monday.  Our mountain team will assess everything in the morning to see if any of the natural trails need to be closed.  Right now, we know that access to Slide Brook is not good enough to open this lift tomorrow, and the colder temps on Sunday and Monday could prevent it from reopening even with the new snow base.  But we will see.

Our snowmakers are standing by ready to go at both mountains. Once everything is assessed in the morning, a plan will be put together on where best to turn the guns on.  Needless to say, there is plenty of water in the ponds.

The weekend is filled with lots of fun events, so drive carefully and watch your steps tomorrow as it is likely to be slippery (especially early in the day).