Joining the Mountain Collective

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Yesterday, it was announced that Sugarbush has joined the Mountain Collective.  We are incredibly honored to be part of this prestigious group of ski areas and excited to offer this benefit to our passholders.  I have personally skied seven of these mountains out West, and they are my favorites. I am also planning a trip this June to either Mammoth or Squaw—both Mountain Collective members-- with my grandson.  When I first met with members of the Collective back in January to discuss our potential membership, I was delighted to learn that they had surveyed their members and found that Sugarbush was the top Eastern Resort they wanted to add to the Collective.  We will be announcing our 2017/2018 pass prices on March 15th with some exciting changes, and more information about the benefits of the Mountain Collective. Passes will go on sale on Saturday, March 18th.  In the meantime, you can learn more about the Mountain Collective by clicking here.

Our weather roller coaster continued last week with a warm and, at times, rainy midweek followed by a brutally cold Saturday.  The rain and warm weather wreaked havoc on our natural trails, and most closed. However, some natural trails at the upper mountain have maintained enough depth to be skiable.  Fortunately, the snowmaking trails, for the most part, have held up really well and our fleet of groomers was able to patch everything together and get things back into shape for some good skiing.  We did fire up the snow guns at Lincoln Peak to touch up a few trails like Snowball, Spring Fling, Upper Sleeper, and portions of the base and beginner areas.  To accomplish that, we pulled a number of our snowmakers back from their lift and grooming work.  They did a terrific job of setting up and then making a ton of snow during those frigid hours. While the crowds were quite light over the weekend, those who were here enjoyed some really nice turns.

Sunday was a warmer, sunnier, calmer day, and a great setting for our 6th annual High Fives FAT Ski-A-Thon fundraiser.  Many of you know Roy Tuscany, a Vermont native who was seriously injured in a ski accident a number of years ago.  He has created The High Fives Foundation to help other injured athletes and is making an incredible difference in people’s lives.  The fundraiser he hosts here is one of his major events of the year, and it was wonderful to see the amazing support he received from our community.  His goal of $200,000 is very close to being achieved, so any donation brings him closer.

On Saturday, I took Roy and a number of his colleagues up for first tracks on that frigid morning. Seeing Roy ski is really inspirational, knowing that after his injury he wasn’t sure he would ever walk again.  After a cruiser on a nicely groomed Lower Organgrinder with an inch of fresh snow on top, Roy said, “Let’s do Stein’s”.  I led, and at the bottom, watched Roy effortlessly and smoothly carve non-stop down that groomed Double Black Diamond trail.  High Five, Roy!

The final weekend of February, we hosted a Ski with Kelly (Brush) Day. Like High Fives, it is amazing to see what Kelly and the Kelly Brush Foundation have been doing to prevent ski injuries and to get injured athletes back on the slopes.  I personally attempted to use a monoski that Kelly and many others so skillfully use. After a few seconds upright, I crashed to the ground and repeated this scenario several times before finally staying upright for a very short run down a tiny slope.  I certainly gained an even greater appreciation for what these athletes can accomplish. 

This week, after a beautiful Monday of skiing, we received some mixed precipitation overnight and some light rain Tuesday and into Tuesday night. Today, we began the day with a couple of inches at the summits and some wet flurries in the base area. We anticipate some snow tonight and again before the weekend, which is now looking cold again.  Layer up! Skiing and riding should be good, and the forecast going forward is looking better.   The Castlerock Extreme, which was postponed last weekend, will be held this Saturday.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but the models are showing the possibility of a nice storm next week, so we still anticipate skiing and riding well into April. Even May 1st is a possibility.  Keep those skis and boards tuned, don’t get those golf clubs and boats out yet, and I hope to see you soon on the slopes.