Historical Snowfall

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Has this been the worst snow year ever?  It certainly seems so.  In reviewing our historical records, I discovered that there have actually been three worse years.  As of the last day of February we have received only 117” of natural snow.  However, the winters of ‘73/’74, ‘79/’80 and ‘83/’84 were even sparser.   By the end of February the ‘73/’74 season had recorded only 109” of snow.  The season of ‘79/’80 was even worse with only 90” of snow.  83/84 was only slightly better with 99”.  But look at what happened afterwards in two of those three years.  In March of ‘73/’74 we received 53” of snow followed by 24” in April.  The spring of ‘83/’84 was even better with 44” in March and another 44” in April.  Unfortunately, ‘79/’80 did not fare as well.

Given this history, I am definitely not giving up on the season and am hoping our next two months are like the winters of ‘73/’74 and ‘83/’84. If that does happen and with the excellent snowmaking base we have, we could be in for some great spring skiing and riding.  I am planning on skiing Stein’s the first weekend in May.

Keep faith!  We are looking at some midweek snow again and the weekend forecast is looking good.