Green Up Day

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Each year, Vermont has Green Up Day, where our fellow citizens walk throughout the state, cleaning up trash that was accumulated over the winter months.  It is disappointing to see how many cans, bottles, cigarettes, and other things that are tossed out of cars windows and from chair lifts to soil our beautiful landscape.  At Sugarbush, we held our own Green Up Day this past Thursday, and many of our employees joined to walk the roads, parking areas and trails to clean up the resort.  This year, we partnered with POWE Snowboards in this effort.  POWE is a local company that manufactures environmentally-friendly snowboards and is committed to community-based projects (like The POWE Mountain Project) to improve the environment. We were also assisted by some UVM students from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources’ Environmental Problem-Solving and Impact Assessment.  Needless to say, we accumulated a lot of refuse, which we then separated into recycling and landfill waste.  We always find some unusual items.  This year, the homework from the son of one of our teammates from 4/27/17 was found and presented to his mother when she finished her own clean-up round.   I bet he was surprised when she got home!  Other than that, pounds of cans and plastic bottles were found. In total we collected 34 bags of trash and 12 bags of recycling, with a few departments still unaccounted for.  I hope, in the future, people will take better care of our environment.

We are all born with only one body and one world, and it is so important to take care of both.  While there is much beyond our control, there are numerous things that we can each do, individually, to take care of both.  I am really proud of our team here at Sugarbush, which is trying to get better each year in terms of caring for both their bodies and our environment.  In fact, after Green Up Day, over 50 of our teammates participated in the annual Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge 5K race in Montpelier.  Early next month, we will hold our annual safety, environment and wellness day (SEW Day) where we speak about all three subjects and set goals for next year.  This past year we focused on hydration.  We set a goal of drinking 72 ounces of water each day, and drinking out of reusable containers.  Proper hydration has been proven to improve wellness and workplace safety, and not using disposable plastic containers is an important environmental action.

And speaking of the environment, after a wet couple of months, this week is looking to be sunnier and warmer. The vegetation should be sprouting, and the mountains and valleys will surely be turning. . . GREEN!