Advocating for the Industry

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Last week we posted a comment on our social media about Climate Change and the Paris Accord.  It generated more activity and discussion than we have seen in quite a while.  Most comments were favorable but some disagreed strongly with our position, some said they would no longer visit here and some felt that our social media channels should not be used for political statements.  Most of the responses were thoughtful and civil but a few unfortunately were not.

All businesses advocate for positions that impact their industry, their organization and their customers and employees, and Sugarbush is no exception.  We rarely use our marketing arms such as Facebook and Instagram to express a political opinion or advocate for a position and we do not contribute to politicians or political parties.  But occasionally we will when we feel the issue is important enough for all who follow us to know our opinion.  We also understand and respect that others may disagree with us, and we are very comfortable having contrary opinions expressed openly, honestly but hopefully in a civil manner which does not get personal.

We have always attempted to be a good steward of the environment, and we are concerned about climate change.  While much is beyond our control, and our own individual actions have limited effect on the global problems, we do feel it is important to act responsibly, and to do our part to protect our precious environment-- in ways that make sense for our own financial well-being and for the well-being of our guests.  Here is a summary of our various environmental initiatives.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

This week, we held our annual Safety, Environment and Wellness Day, which is a mandatory session for all full-time members of the Sugarbush team.  Our focus is to help everyone better understand that we come into this life with only one world and one body, and that it is important to do our best to keep both as healthy as possible.  The day has a number of sessions and activities focused on this.  We also have a Safety, Environment and Wellness (SEW) Committee made up of employees from all areas of the resort whose task is to identify areas of improvement and to recommend annual goals for each of us to attain.  Last year, they recommended and we agreed to a single goal that encompassed all three parts of SEW.  The goal was to drink at least 72 ounces of water daily from a reusable container.  It has been well-proven that proper hydration is a key to good health--which in turn helps avoid injury-- and drinking from containers that do not end up in the landfill is good for the environment. We were really pleased that this initiative led to us being recognized by the Governor. The committee will be recommending next year’s goals to our leadership team in the fall. 

Moving to the weather.  It has continued to be a wet and cool spring, and while the streams are full, the farmers are growing concerned about getting their crops into the ground.  Fortunately, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and the temperatures rose on Wednesday and Thursday, and our weekly League Night at the Golf Club began its season.  It does look like the weather pattern has changed and we have our fingers crossed for our seventh annual Brew-Grass Festival this Saturday.