A Green Mountain Marriage

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Weddings at Sugarbush are special.  Lili and I know firsthand, as we were married here at Sugarbush in August 2011. . . 

Our ceremony was held at the top of Gate House lift which, since then, has become one of our most popular ceremony venues.  After a short lift ride, our friends and family exited onto the grassy plateau and immediately saw the majestic view of the Valley and neighboring mountains to the northeast.  After our ceremony, we hosted our guests in the courtyard in between Rumble’s Kitchen and Castlerock Pub, and then we all proceeded up to the second floor of Gate House Lodge for our plated dinner and dancing. (And there was some crazy disco dancing.)

If you have not seen Gate House Lodge set up for a wedding, you would be amazed at how nice, and how different it looks, from the winter scene.  Robert Kuiper and his culinary staff are able to tailor a meal to meet a couple’s taste and budget, and Caitlin Redding’s wait staff is top notch.  Of course, one cannot forget the importance of wedding coordinators: Calli Willette and Julia Church are especially gifted in working with brides and their mothers.  It would be normal to think that the boss gets special treatment, but I can assure you that our team treats every wedding like they did ours, and this comes from the many bridal parties who have given us their own personal feedback.  

If you are thinking of a wedding or know of someone who is, Andrea Cheney can assist and inform you of all the options available.  Contributing to a great wedding here are the many fun activities that guests can participate in to make their stay even more enjoyable. Weddings really are Better Here at Sugarbush.