The SEW Committee's Summer Work

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The Safety, Environment, Wellness (SEW) Committee has been busy over the summer with various projects and events. On July 22nd several members of SEW, the mountain operations team and a couple of probably reluctant teenage volunteers paired up with the Green Mountain Club for a project on the Long Trail.    The Green Mountain Club requested help carrying in supplies for a new privy at the Battell Shelter, near the top of Mt. Abe. Our mountain operations team was able to get the supplies to the top of Lincoln Peak and from there it was hiked over to the shelter by our SEW members, volunteers, and staff of the Green Mountain Club.  While the weather wasn’t great and we had some awkward loads to haul we got the job done!  One of our SEW members somehow convinced her 14-year-old son and a friend to go for a hike while carrying a backpack full of gravel and something they dubbed “The Shanky-Shanky Stick”. At one point one of the boys received a call from my son, Reuben, who was just finishing up his shift as a dishwasher at Rumble’s. When Reuben asked his friend if he wanted to hang out, the friend replied, “I can’t. I’m hiking with your Mom.” Not the answer Reuben was expecting.

This summer the SEW Committee introduced “SEW Recess” for Sugarbush employees. The idea is the same as it was in elementary school: get outside, burn some energy and play some games for half an hour at lunchtime. This summer’s games included whiffle ball, kickball, and disc golf. We sweetened the deal by offering ice cream after the game.  I learned that some of my co-workers can really smack a whiffle ball and toss a disc pretty well too! While I may not have the same skill level as some of my colleagues it was really fun. Recess has ended for the season, but we’ll be back next summer with more games.

As fall begins, the SEW Committee is looking forward to the season ahead. We will be working to create our seasonal goals where we develop initiatives and challenge our employees to participate.  Past initiatives have included a focus on hydration, commuter challenges, Healthy Choice meals for our employees and Personal Safety Plans among others. The SEW committee also plays a key role in the NSAA Safety Month events in January (stay tuned for details) and continues to meet monthly to promote the principles that are the core of the Safety, Environment, and Wellness Committee.