The Perfect Summer Day

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Happy 4th of July! I hope you’re enjoying an incredible Warren 4th Parade, or perhaps celebrations in your own town, rather than reading this blog post. So hopefully you’re reading this a few days later, in which case I hope you had a great 4th!

I know that there are still a number of people who don’t really think there’s much to do up here in the summer. It’s skiing in the winter, foliage in the fall, and not much in between. Maybe you go to a wedding. But I’m here to convince you otherwise. Sure, it’s part of my job, but in this case I truly believe there’s a ton to do in the Valley during the summer. In fact, I would argue there’s a lot MORE going on around here in the summer months than during any other time of year. Allow me to provide you with the perfect summer day, and I won’t even cheat by talking about all the awesome events happening.

For the sake of families who arrive to the Valley late at night from Boston, New York, and beyond, let’s skip the morning exercise and say the day starts at breakfast. Breakfast and brunch options have been expanding around town lately, and you’ll find awesome morning grub at Rumble’s Kitchen, The Big Picture, Three Mountain Café, and the newest addition to the scene – Toast & Eggs. Or you could just grab a breakfast sandwich at a number of other spots.

So you enjoyed breakfast and now you’re ready for some activity. This is where the options menu gets a little overwhelming. My recommendation is either hiking, mountain biking, or mountain activities up at the resort. The Long Trail crosses over both of Sugarbush’s mountains and Mad River Glen and provides great day hikes, including the Gap-to-Gap Hike from Lincoln Gap across the Monroe Skyline to the Appalachian Gap. We also offer hiking trails from the base area to the summits, as well as nearby favorites like Burnt Rock, a moderate hike just a few miles from the resort, or Sunset Rock, a short hike from the top of Lincoln Gap out to an incredible vista of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.

If you prefer a little adrenaline fix, the mountain biking scene in the Valley has continued to explode, thanks in large part to the Mad River Riders. They’ve connected an extensive network of trails from Blueberry Lake to Sugarbush to American Flatbread, and new trails are being built every year. It’s a great option from beginner to expert riders. Of course, we offer our own lift-served mountain biking up at the resort, where the bike crew has been hard at work rebuilding some of the older trails and adding new ones. At this point it’s probably safe to say intermediate and advanced riders will enjoy the terrain more, though our bike shop does offer lessons and rentals to all (including our new e-bikes).

Other mountain activities at the resort include bungee trampoline, zip line, scenic lift rides, and disc golf. For those who have never disc golfed, it might seem like a strange activity, but ever since I first tried it here a few years ago, I always recommend it to people. Think of it like hiking with a purpose. You’re basically walking through the woods while throwing a frisbee.

Now you need some lunch. Aside from the previously mentioned options, Hogan’s Pub offers some of the best views around (oh and of course golf is an activity option as well). The Mad Taco, Canteen Creamy, Blue Stone, and Warren Store are all great lunch spots as well. Sit back, enjoy some local fare, and do it all al-fresco.

At this point you’re probably ready for a cool-off. You wouldn’t necessarily think it, but the swimming scene in the Valley is top notch. Popular swimming spots like Warren Falls and Blueberry Lake are worth a visit at least once, though depending on when you go they can often be a little crowded for some people’s liking. Alternatively, any of the spots on Route 100 usually offer some space and are just accessible as the more popular spots. Of course you could also hit the outdoor pool at the Sugarbush Health and Recreation Center, complete with new furniture the outdoor hot tub.

Now you can enjoy dinner, either at home or out, and you’ve had yourself one action-packed summer day. If after reading this you still don't think that's the case, reach out to me directly. I have a long list of activities to keep you playing through the summer. If I can't find something interesting for you do to, first beer Opening Day is on me.

See you on the mountain!

John Bleh

Public Relations Manager